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Taking an organization to extraordinary heights requires more than just a great product.

Taking an organization towards its peak requires more than a great product. Here are six tips for inspiring, motivating and leading your team towards greatness.

Siemens Malaysia VP of Business Development Ralph Yew explains how he uses the acronym SUMMIT to push himself and his team to become not only a stronger Malaysian company – but a fierce global player

1. Stamina: Are you creating a corporate culture that puts an emphasis on fitness and health? Your team will need energy to sustain the competition and withstand unforeseen events.

2. United: Is your team cohesive and united in its approach to achieving success? An integrated organisation will achieve far greater things than a team all working towards disparate goals.

3. Mindset: Does your team put as much energy into improving their minds as they do their bodies? Only those with resilience and perseverance can convince the physical body to adapt to change in order to reach the top.

4. Momentum: Are you the driving force pushing your team towards their common goal? Gaining momentum early on in a project will help you produce quick growth and motivate your team to meet their goals.

5. Innovation: Do you encourage creative problem solving? For example, Generation Y have become increasingly radical yet effective in their use of social media.

6. Teamwork: Are you helping your team develop an approach where everyone achieves more? Don’t forget, the mountain climber can only reach the tallest peak with the help of their guide and porters who risk their lives to fix and carry the equipment.

Ralph is also inspired by a quote from Andrew Grove Chairmen of Intel:

There’s at least one point in the history of any company when you have to change dramatically to rise to the next performance level.
Andrew Grove

As Vice President of Business Development at Siemens Malaysia, Ralph is responsible for rail mobility and logistics under Infrastructure and Cities.
He’s worked for Siemens for five years, and is passionate about connecting with inspirational people, thought leaders and those in the background that we couldn’t manage without.

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