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Spotlight on Innovation

Bringing together many of the country’s foremost industry leaders, technologists, mayors, innovators, and even a stuntman-turned-CEO, Spotlight on Innovation is a real-world look at a variety of technologies—spanning the gamification of manufacturing, city infrastructure, cybersecurity, AI, and the digital twin—that are helping businesses and cities around the world unlock their potential.

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New Ways of Making: The Future of Manufacturing

If you can dream it, you can make it—from cars to artificial limbs to beer. The future of manufacturing is custom-designed, data-driven, and all about what is humanly possible. 

Machines in Conversation: Transforming Business with AI and Digital Twin

Imagine a production cycle that corrects itself in real time because all the machines talked with their own “twin.”  AI and digital-twin technology will enable an entirely new world of productivity through predictive analytics.

Living in the Digital City: Technology is Transforming Urban Life

From improving air quality to localized power grids to e-mobility, the digital transformation is enabling an improved quality of life in cities big and small, while giving city planners the tools they need to manage growing urban populations. 

Adventures in Cyberspace: Increasing Security While Building up the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is getting bigger and bigger, as seemingly limitless elements, from smart home appliances to entire athletic stadiums, become connected and start collecting and sharing data.  As performance increases, so must protection.