Avicar selects Siemens as technology partner to enable Remote Reality motorsports racing 

  • Avicar’s Remote Reality connects drivers to specialized sports cars from miles away
  • Siemens Advanta to build digital twin, enabling complete race simulation environment before physical races take place


March 9, 2023—Today, Avicar launches as the first private race league to use Remote Reality on a physical racetrack, allowing drivers the power to experience and control real world sports cars from thousands of miles away. Distinguishing itself from virtual or augmented reality, Remote Reality allows for a truly immersive environment. Avicar is collaborating with top developers, race car drivers, car designers, and ex-NASA engineers to shake up the industry, and has named Siemens as its technology partner to develop this next generation of motorsports by using digital twin technology to build simulations giving engineers insight into the vehicle’s design and performance for physical races.

“If Formula 1 is F1, Avicar is known in short form as A-0, a representation of the future. A real-world motorsport where drivers sync with physical vehicles from home – a first of its kind,” explains the Avicar Team. “As Wi-Fi, 5G, and satellite speeds have increased dramatically, Remote Reality opens the door to a new world of immersive experiences.”

Feeds from livestream cameras on board are transmitted via high-speed wi-fi, 5G, or satellite to a driver’s headset, allowing the driver to experience and control the physical cars in real-time. The microsecond real-time reactivity and tactile response, a first for the industry, comes as close to being in the driver's seat without racers ever leaving the comfort of their own homes. By transporting the driver seat from the vehicle to the safety of home, engineers can push motorsports to new levels.

As the official technology partner, Siemens Advanta – Siemens’ digital transformation advisory and professional services organization – is working with Avicar throughout its R&D process to produce the zero-seat sports cars. Siemens Advanta is using the Siemens Xcelerator platform and R&D hub Siemens Technology’s expertise to develop a digital twin for Avicar that will be the foundation for a new driving simulation environment. The digital twin-based simulation of the racing platform will allow Avicar to test the cars’ design and functionality, as well as help vet drivers before competing in physical vehicles.

“We are excited to help Avicar transform motorsports using digital twins and Remote Reality,” said Rani Shea, Chief Executive Officer, Siemens Advanta North America. “Through the industry’s most comprehensive digital twin technology, Siemens will enable Avicar to accelerate how these vehicles move from concept to production-ready race cars – opening up vast opportunities for innovation in design and manufacturing.”

As zero-seat motorsports take shape in 2023, the collaboration between Avicar and Siemens sets out to push the boundaries in manufacturing, design, and the driver experience. For the upcoming season, Avicar will introduce membership keys and the first 11 zero-seat electric sports cars to compete in the global private race league. Follow Avicar via https://www.avicar.io or AvicarOfficial for more information on joining Avicar and the next steps in Remote Reality racing.

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Avicar, the world's first Motorsport to use Remote Reality. Cultivated from the minds of the world's top developers, race car drivers, car designers, and ex-NASA engineers, Avicar is a new private league of zero-seat sports cars that are controlled through a VR headset. Unlike virtual reality and augmented reality, Remote Reality offers the driver the power to control real-world sports cars from thousands of miles away in real-time. For the first time, players can race sports cars remotely from anywhere on earth in real time.