Siemens expands Sm@rtGear portfolio with industry’s latest motor controls and switchgear

Raleigh, NC | Jun 20, 2017

Intelligent technologies enhance arc-flash safety and provide preventive and predictive maintenance actions


Siemens has expanded its Sm@rtGear™ portfolio to now include its tiastar™ low-voltage motor control centers, SIMOVAC™ and SIMOVAC-AR™ medium-voltage controllers, and air-insulated metal-clad medium-voltage GM-SG, GM-SG-AR and GM38 switchgear. With this addition, the portfolio now includes a complete family of power distribution and control assembly technologies in both low- and medium-voltage levels.


Sm@rtGear™ offers remote monitoring, configuration, and control of intelligent devices across low- and medium-voltage motor control and power distribution equipment. By monitoring and controlling systems remotely via a Human Machine Interface (HMI), operators avoid the dangerous arc boundary near the equipment. The technology also has the capability to learn from current operations to suggest predictive maintenance actions and features an expedited “search and repair” with system diagnosis that can be used to quickly identify a power distribution’s root cause.


“Expanding our Sm@rtGear portfolio will not only create a safer environment for operators, but also bring the latest in preventive and predictive maintenance to our customers,” said Brian Dula, Vice President of Siemens Medium Voltage Systems. “We believe that digitalization should been carried throughout the entire power management process, and this broadened portfolio will make our customers smarter, more efficient, and their employees safer.”


Siemens Sm@rtGear™ is pre-configured and pre-programmed with easy use with a 22-inch HMI and intuitively designed navigation screens to make remote monitoring, configuration, and control user friendly. The system also features active power quality monitoring with user configurable alarms.

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