Siemens launches new fault-interrupting capacity for Fusesaver™ medium-voltage circuit breaker

Raleigh, NC | Feb 27, 2017

Fusesaver technology investment paid back in savings from less than four truck rolls


Siemens has announced its ultra-fast Fusesaver™ medium-voltage circuit breaker now includes 6.3 kA fault-interrupting capacity. This new feature will help utilities apply the technology across more of their distribution network to further improve system performance in case of temporary faults. The technology clears temporary faults in less than one cycle and pays for itself in savings from less than four truck rolls that would have been required to address a line outage.


“With 80 percent of power outages caused by temporary faults, it’s essential to have fast-acting technology that can clear faults literally faster than a blink of an eye,” said Brian Dula, vice president of Siemens Medium Voltage and Systems. “The new 6.3 kA fault-interrupting capability uses the latest in digital grid technologies to improve a utility’s reliability while positively impacting their bottom line.”


Weighing only 12 pounds and able to be mounted directly on the conductor, cross‑arm, or pole, the Fusesaver can be securely installed in less than 30 minutes a phase without having to rely on any additional mounting components. Featuring peer-to-peer wireless communication, the Fusesaver can operate in single-phase or multi-phase configurations.


Coupled with the SiemensConnect application, settings changes can be made while the Fusesaver remains in service, and event logs and load profile data can be downloaded without needing to send a high-voltage crew or bucket truck. This leading edge fault-interrupting technology also helps utilities improve performance on key industry reliability indicators like the System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) and System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI).


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