Siemens offering strengthened technology portfolio to modernize essential power infrastructure

Minnetonka, MN | Feb 9, 2016

  • Siemens introducing advanced substation automation technologies within its SICAM substation automation portfolio
  • Enhanced Fusesaver™ ultra-fast circuit breaker, now with open-close-open functionality, includes advanced protection and communication capabilities

At DistribuTECH 2016, Siemens is introducing a strengthened automation and control portfolio to help modernize field automation systems and essential electrical infrastructure. The technologies include new substation automation software platforms for easier renewable integration, greater visibility into status of field operations resulting in less need for testing, and better ability to meet industry-wide standards such as IEC 61850. Siemens is also introducing an enhanced version of its Fusesaver circuit breaker that eliminates the need for a fuse, offers advanced protection and communication capabilities, and now features open-close-open functionality. With these intelligent technologies, utilities will have an unpreceded level of control over their operations through both improved hardware and digital technologies.

“Intelligent technology needs to be integrated at every level of a utility’s business model, especially the critical areas of infrastructure and basic operations, in order to take advantage of the challenges and demands of a 21st century power mix,” said Mike Carlson, president of Siemens Digital Grid. “We’ve developed these technologies to ensure our customers are able to modernize the essential areas of their business that are the foundation of a digital, intelligent grid.”


Further details on the specific technologies are below:


SICAM Renewable Integration (RI): Siemens new controller can integrate thousands of rooftop solar inverters into the utilities enterprise level to control and balance feeders with high concentration of PV. Utilities will now have the power to control thousands of rooftop inverters from various manufacturers while taking advantage of existing communications networks.


SICAM Remote Terminal Unit (RTU): The SICAM CMIC is a new breed of substation RTU that is designed to make substation automation with IEC 61850 protective relays simple to configure. Siemens has developed a substation RTU and configuration engineering tool that allows utilities to easily incorporate any manufacturer’s devices using the IEC 61850 standard, substantially reducing their overall engineering effort and substation automation equipment cost.


SICAM Compact RX: Siemens is introducing a compact version of its PAS substation automation software that has been combined with a Siemens RUGGEDCOM RX1500Fare network switch into signal system to save cost and space. This new technology eliminates the need for a utility to include a separate data concentrator in the substation.


SICAM Application Module-PRC 005: Siemens has developed an application module for its SICAM PAS substation automation platform that eliminates the need for frequent injection testing of protective relays as allowed in the NERC PRC 005 standard. This negates the need for annual testing that is often expensive and time-consuming and utility will no longer have to shut down its protective relay fleet annual for injection testing.


Fusesaver Open-Close-Open (O-CO): By eliminating the need for a fuse, Siemens enhanced Fusesaver ultra-fast circuit breaker with open-close-open functionality represents the ultimate in fuse-saving for laterals, the overhead lines that branch off of a main substation feeder. Equipped with advanced protection and encrypted communication capabilities, Siemens Fusesaver clears faults in less than a cycle. Reducing the impact of faults on the laterals enhances network reliability. Load and event logs stored in on-board, non-volatile memory support reliability metrics reporting and return on investment calculations. Embedded faulted circuit indication reduces operating expenses in addition to the elimination of unnecessary truck rolls. Operator safety is improved by providing a 60-second delay between command and device operation.


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