Siemens USA CEO Statement on joining the White House CEO Roundtable

January 26, 2022

Today, Siemens USA CEO Barbara Humpton joined CEOs at the White House for a roundtable discussion on the Build Back Better Act.


“I was honored to join CEOs at the White House for this discussion with President Biden. We support the President’s vision for bold investments and climate commitments that accelerate the deployment of technology and the building of infrastructure capable of decarbonizing America’s economy. This will not only help to meet climate goals, but can address social inequities and create well-paying jobs. Siemens has been supporting the industries and creating the infrastructure forming the backbone of America’s economy for more than 160 years. It was important to Siemens to share our recommendations because when it comes to climate we believe this needs to be a decade of action.

In 2015, Siemens made a commitment to be carbon neutral by the end of this decade, but we’re now pushing ourselves to be net-zero. We know that the technology we need to meet bold climate targets is here and ready to be put to use. We see this as an important moment for collaboration across the public and private sectors knowing that together we can build a sustainable future.”