Siemens USA CEO Barbara Humpton Statement on the Passage of the CHIPS Act

July 28, 2022

"This historic investment passed by Congress today, in the form of the bipartisan CHIPS Act, is a major step toward strengthening our country’s industrial supply chains and growing America’s global technology leadership for decades to come. Semiconductors are vital to U.S. competitiveness and national security, and we’re encouraged that the technology and research enabled by this funding will not only ensure we address chip shortages but will showcase the power advanced manufacturing tools have to create a more resilient, sustainable, and economically competitive industrial base.


Siemens has long believed that now is the moment to modernize American manufacturing, and as both a user of semiconductors and a key software and hardware provider for the industry, we’re ready to mobilize behind the momentum this funding provides. We applaud the steadfast leadership of Congress, the White House, the Department of Commerce and industry leaders who worked together find a solution that advances American manufacturing priorities and keeps our country competitive."