Veterans Day: How Companies Can Support Military Families

Veterans Day: How Companies Can Support Military Families

By: Barbara Humpton, CEO, Siemens USA

Veterans Day reminds us of our responsibility to help U.S. military veterans transition successfully into the civilian workforce.


Siemens has hired more than 2,500 veterans since 2011 – exceeding our initial commitment by more than 600 percent. Now we’re working on bringing at least 300 veterans into the corporation annually over the next three years.


This core value also is incredibly valuable to our core business, as our veterans come to us with strong technical training and natural leadership skills.

We also knew that it would help our recruiting efforts to make sure that veterans can find us.


That’s why we recently became an early adopter of the Google Cloud Talent Solution – enabled by our partner Jibe – on our jobs website. This enables job-seeking veterans to easily map their skills to our open positions.


I shared this on our blog and on social media, and I received a lot of thoughtful comments.


One of the key ones I read was: Let’s not forget about military families.


What I wanted to do then was to take a moment and talk with someone who has that experience as a military spouse: none other than our executive assistant, Kellee-Elizabeth Mann.


Kellee and I work closely together every day, and I really appreciated the opportunity to hear from Kellee how Siemens supports military families.


You can see our conversation in the video below.