The Art of Assembling an Airplane

The Art of Assembling an Airplane

Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from TIME on “One Nation Under Data” series on how Siemens technology is driving enterprise digital transformation and taking manufacturing to the next level. To see the full series, visit TIME


While aviation has forever changed the worlds of transportation, commerce, public service work and the military, general aviation has struggled with timely deployment of innovations.

But at least one company is building a partnership to challenge the status quo: ONE Aviation is disrupting the industry with its Eclipse 550 twinjet, the world’s very first light jet, combining high performance with low cost, advanced technology with easy operation and efficiency with luxury.


As ONE Aviation’s foundational partner, Siemens PLM was able to exceed the expectations of the ONE Aviation’s lead engineer with its product lifecycle management software. The partnership reduced the need for costly physical prototypes with digital replicas that allow for critical decisions to be made during the developmental and conceptualization phase.


“Siemens goes above and beyond being a software provider,” said Dave Chiarelli, ONE Aviation’s lead engineer for structural and furnishing. “They’ve helped us raise the bar within our own enterprise, it’s a great relationship.

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Published On: August 2nd, 2018