My thoughts as we begin CERAWeek: Managing complexity in the energy ecosystem is the true challenge of shaping a new energy future.

My thoughts as we begin CERAWeek: Managing complexity in the energy ecosystem is the true challenge of shaping a new energy future.

By: Lisa Davis, CEO Siemens Gas and Power, Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG

CERAWeek is now officially underway, and with it, a full week of discussions, plenaries, ministerial dialogues and insight sessions. Here in Houston – the home of Siemens’ global energy business – we have an opportunity to continue an important conversation about how the energy industry is being shaped by larger trends and our opportunities to shape human progress felt on a global scale.


As the energy industry continues to transform amidst a digital and technological revolution, we are moving to ever more complex, multi-modal and decentralized systems. Existing business models are being disrupted and traditional energy value chains recomposed. The promises of proactively partaking in a cleaner, more reliable -- yet flexible -- energy market are now more than just promises.


At Siemens, we believe that addressing the evolving complexities of the energy landscape will require integrated energy ecosystems that span the entire energy value chain. Traditional and new elements across generation, transmission, distribution and consumption must be seamlessly integrated to realize their full potential. Managing this complexity is the true challenge of shaping the new energy future.


Siemens is approaching this challenge by taking up the lessons from the past and looking toward the future. We are leveraging existing technologies in different ways, developing new business models and technology systems that address the complexities, and employing cutting-edge data analytics and cybersecurity capabilities.

These transformations come with great potential. In particular we can expand access to affordable, efficient power, raising the bar for education, health and quality of life worldwide.


But to fully seize this opportunity, business models need to adapt as well. That’s what Siemens is doing now though our strategy called Vision 2020+. Next month, Siemens will shift from our traditional conglomerate setup into a purpose-driven, market-focused model. Our goal is to address our customers’ specific needs and further the close partnership we share with them already today.


Vision 2020+ will allow for the capabilities of Siemens Gas and Power to be leveraged across the entire energy value chain. Our goal is to innovate and co-create with customers to make fossil energy greener; deliver decentralized, flexible power solutions; manage the complexities of the grid; improve and de-risk aging assets; connect supply and demand through storage technologies, such as grid-scale batteries and Power-to-X technologies; and much more.


For more than 170 years, Siemens has been adapting to help customers power the world in times of change. Today is no different. Our technology and solutions – and our commitment to reinvention through Vision2020+ – will enable our customers to lead the way and create win-win outcomes both for business and society.


Published On: March 11th, 2019