Fast Company Recognizes Siemens' World-Changing Work

Fast Company Recognizes Siemens' World-Changing Work

This month, Fast Company is highlighting world-changing projects and ideas. The magazine’s 2018 World Changing Ideas Awards started with more 1,300 entries, and we’re proud to share the news that Siemens’ electric highway demonstration made the final cut.


Siemens was founded by an entrepreneur who believed that technology is a tool to advance the common good. More than 170 years later, social purpose continues to guide how we pursue profit: As our President and CEO Joe Kaeser often says: “If you’re not in the business to improve society, you shouldn’t be in business.”


Siemens is as passionate as ever about solving social challenges and changing the world.


The eHighway demonstration in partnership with the South Coast Air Quality Management District that ran in Carson, California near the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach featured, three big-rig trucks hauling freight move along a stretch of highway. But instead of running on gasoline, these trucks run on electricity provided by overhead power lines.

This isn’t just a demonstration of Siemens technology. We think it also showcases a powerful idea – electrifying infrastructure – that can lead the way to a low-carbon economy. Heavy-duty trucks are the number one source of smog-forming emissions in Southern California. That’s because transportation, like so much of the machinery of modern life, is powered by combustion engines and old, analog systems that are carbon-intensive and inefficient. In fact, 40 percent of global carbon emissions result from the transportation sector, industrial processes, and the operation of buildings.


By shifting to having more infrastructure fueled by electricity, we create a system that is capable of running on renewable fuels that can ultimately produce zero emissions.


The next step is building a smarter, more digital power grid than we have currently – and Siemens is as committed to this endeavor as we are to the first. The eHighway project exemplifies one piece of our world-changing commitment to leveraging our expertise, products and innovation towards making a zero-carbon economy a reality, and we’re honored to have Fast Company recognize it.


Published On: April 10th, 2018