Safety Focus Day: Transforming how we think and act about safety

By: Marc Buncher, CEO Siemens Mobility North America

Employees are our most valuable asset. Getting them home after a day’s work unharmed is what we strive to do.


Our Zero Harm Culture at Siemens Mobility is focused on making sure that happens. It is intended to transform the way employees think and act toward health and safe behavior so that we can all return to our family and friends without injury.


Because safety starts with those who hold responsibility, Siemens Mobility leadership designated Wednesday, January 22 as our first “Safety Focus Day” to emphasize behaviors that will help us to become the industry benchmark for safety in the workplace. This is a quarterly endeavor, augmenting our daily efforts to permanently transform the way management and employees think and act toward health and safety.


On Safety Focus Day, our teams in Siemens Mobility North America operations conducted safety assessments at U.S. sites spanning 12 states and more than 3,000 employees. The assessments provided an opportunity to observe and listen to employees about how they perform their daily work—where we are doing well and where we can improve. Following this day, we are taking action to improve our safety performance on the way to what we call “Zero Harm.”


Every day our Mobility management team strives to walk the talk by being visible, listening and taking action to create a safe working environment for employees, contractors and visitors. We champion a Zero Harm Culture because the health and safety of our employees is our highest concern, and because we care.


In honor of Safety Focus Day, I had the opportunity to visit our Port Authority Trans Hudson (PATH) customer site, where we deliver maintenance operations at the Hudson Train Yard. I had the opportunity to see how our Siemens Mobility team is co-locating with PATH employees in order to deliver the safest and highest preforming communications-based train control (CBTC). 


Millions of people across the globe depend on public transport each day to get them to school and work. At Siemens Mobility—a leader in transport solutions for more than 160 years—we do more than just get people from A to B. We get them there safely, efficiently and in total comfort. And we do it by working safely ourselves.


 We know that to ensure the future success of our business, we must maintain high standards and reduce risks with excellent safety management in our operations. Safety Focus Day was one way for us to accomplish that—with enthusiasm and with results.