Creating Tomorrow’s Perfect Places, Today

Creating Tomorrow’s Perfect Places, Today

By: Dave Hopping President, Building Technologies



This year was the year of Creating Perfect Places – and create we did. As 2017 comes to a close, I pause to reflect on some of the highlights from the year. There are a number of milestones - from creating a perfect learning environment at Pine Grove Middle School to highlighting financial solutions that support infrastructure modernization – that the Building Technologies team has to be proud of this year.


If I have to narrow it down to a few accomplishments to spotlight, it’s the ones that are not only good for the bottom line, but also exemplify what our team has done in order to make strides towards Creating Perfect Places – a vision I truly believe in for the infrastructure of tomorrow. Buildings are alive with information and harnessing this data with the right digital tools allows us to shape our environments like never before. We can create the perfect place to learn, the perfect place to heal and the perfect place to work. The perfect place to do whatever our minds set out to do.

In order to make these visions a reality, I would like to highlight an investment, a new product and an expanded project that I feel have really advanced the future of smart buildings in 2017. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Data. Building Technologies is living out our declaration to make digitalization real for our customers. We know that digital technologies can drive forward customer goals, from sustainability to cost reduction and safety. In 2017, the division launched a Digital Service Center in Austin, Texas, and software R&D Hub in Chicago, exemplifying automation as a force of good. The $35 million a year investment signifies how committed we are to the evolution of the building environment – and it is just a start.
  • Smart Buildings and Digitalization. As we shared in Business Insider, “Smart Buildings of the Future” utilize data to monitor temperature, anticipate security needs, and use the calendar to adjust the shades accordingly. We use the data cacophony, remove silos and leverage technology, particularly Siemens Navigator, in order to continue our mission of creating perfect places.
  • Higher Education and Building Technologies. Southern Methodist University exemplifies the perfect places vision. Siemens has helped integrate smart building technology in a way that not only keeps the students and faculty safer but also makes the campus more energy-efficient. By integrating core security systems in a single platform campus managers can automate the building temperature, optimize energy usage, and restrict entrance through “smart badge” technology, all of which helps the university attract and retain students and faculty.

Each of these milestones represents a key component of how we will continue to be the ideal partner going forward. Through investments into our own data services and digitalization, we are further able to guide our customers through their digital journey.


That brings me to my prediction for 2018. I believe 2018 will see more Smart Buildings than ever before. As we rely on data services and digitalization more heavily in our personal and professional lives, it will continue to expand into our physical worlds. We’ve seen these buildings in healthcare, education and retail already – and I believe they will continue to expand – but I think we’ll also see more Smart Buildings in commercial office spaces, oil and gas, and the federal government. With the expansion of these environments, we are truly in a position to continue creating perfect places that improve our communities – and our lives.


Published On: December 20th, 2017