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Celebrating International Women’s Day: The Top 10 Defining Moments for Women at Siemens in 2021

Siemens Inventor of the Year: De-Niang Maria Peymandar, Design Manager at Siemens Mobility

“I am convinced that green hydrogen offers a lot of potential to reduce our emissions from transport and meet our climate goals. In a project with Deutsche Bahn, we will be equipping a Mireo train with fuel cells from January 2022. We are testing a completely new overall system consisting of a hydrogen-powered train and a newly designed filling station.”

Siemens Inventors of the Year: Noga Bar-On, Senior UX Expert at Siemens Digital Industries Software; Varda Senerman, Senior UX Expert at Siemens Digital Industries Software; and Hadar Hillel, Scrum Master at Siemens PLM Software

Customers ask for highly customized products, and the industry needs to meet this market demand. As a result, mixed production lines became common in which multiple product variants are manufactured on the same line. Keeping such lines balanced—preventing bottlenecks on one hand while utilizing resources well on the other—is a complicated task. Noga Bar-On, Varda Senerman, and Hadar Hillel from Siemens Digital Industries Software developed a User Interface to support this task. While using innovative information visualization, the balancing issues and their significance become very easy and quick to spot.

Inclusion in the “100 Most Influential Business Women in Germany”

The White House signing ceremony for the bipartisan infrastructure deal at the White House in Washington D.C., November 2021: Barbara Humpton, Siemens USA CEO

“The broad vision for infrastructure going into law today will make that implementation force more powerful. This vision recognizes that our task is greater than repairing roads and bridges if we want to build for a changing tomorrow. We’ll need to invest boldly, unleash U.S. innovation and activate ecosystems across rail, electric vehicle infrastructure, the grid, and America’s workforce to serve our needs today and anticipate the needs of future generations.”

The National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) names three Siemens employees to its “30 under 35 rising stars” list at its annual LEAD conference, December 2021: Rachel Strother, Regional Strategy Specialist; Patricia Logsdon Channel Sales Engineer; and Kaitlynn Berry, Distributor Sales Engineer

“Upper management is taking an active look at young leaders and what we want to do. That active engagement is going to help promote continued interest within Siemens.”—Patricia


“At Siemens, we’re open to change and I think people are now being more upfront with that. It’s refreshing to know that we are moving forward. I think we are definitely moving in the right direction.” —Rachel


“It was a great feeling to have three women recognized – especially because this is a male-dominated industry. I’m a huge proponent of women in the industry, period, and I try to help recruit where I can.”

Marsha Smith, CFO of Siemens USA meets with New York Governor Kathy Hochul at NYC’s Climate week, April 2021.

“In celebration of Climate Week NYC, I had the honor to meet with New York Governor Kathy Hochul on the beautiful Jacob Javits rooftop. At a time when the threat of climate change grows closer, collaboration and conversation empower us with the knowledge to make sustainable changes in our communities, nationally and internationally. At Siemens and Siemens Mobility we take these commitments seriously.”

Winner of Women in Tech Global Leadership Award in Lisbon, November 2021: Hanna Hennig, Siemens Chief Information Officer

“With this award, I would like to recognize and celebrate all the remarkable women from #TeamSiemensIT and our #diversITy community! I am happy to have a team of talented and brilliant women by my side who are passionately shaping our digital growth within and outside Siemens! None of this is and would be possible without you.”

First female CEO of Siemens Financial Services: Veronika Bienert

Following a successful international career across various Siemens businesses, Bienert took the helm of Siemens Financial Services (SFS) on October 1, 2021. Leading a global team of 2,900 people, Veronika is focused on shaping a sustainable future for all her stakeholders. As a firm believer in the power of “breaking patterns," Veronika champions Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) across SFS, fully embedding it in every part of her organization to #IncludeEngageEmpower.

“My goal is to create an organization in which all our colleagues can be themselves and contribute their full potential. Where personal perspectives and experiences come together in such a way that our company evokes a strong sense of belonging in all our people.”

Appearing in Capital magazine’s “Germany’s 'Top 40 under 40' ” for 2021: Annemarie Große Frie, Head of Research in Energy and Electronics

“Congrats to my fellow Top 40 under 40 nominees. I’m humbled to be part of this year’s cohort. And thank you to my fantastic Team at Siemens Technology — it’s a privilege to work with you every day to push the boundaries of innovation!”

FC Bayern München’s women’s team and Siemens join forces for equality

Break barriers wherever you find them! FC Bayern München’s women’s team and Siemens are joining forces to highlight the many barriers women are still facing every day—and to tear them down. More than just an ideal, equality is a prerequisite for long-term business success, which is why it is a central component of the Siemens DEGREE framework. With it, we aim to achieve a truly equal workplace: equal opportunities, equal recognition and equal respect.