Meet Abby Campbell: Policy Maker

Meet Abby Campbell: Policy Maker

Editor’s Note: Abby Campbell works in government affairs at Siemens USA. Here she shares experiencing working in Washington, D.C. at Siemens’ U.S. headquarters. To read more #FutureMakers stories, visit .


I work in Government Affairs, and my job is to represent Siemens in front of Congress and with the federal government. I love being in Washington, D.C.


I really enjoy working with policy makers and being in a setting where there is never just one answer to any question; I’m always challenged to find multiple, different solutions. There’s always another way to elevate what I do, or bring another option to a customer or solution to the market.


When I arrived at Siemens my colleagues told me I’d need those two years just to get my feet under my desk. That turned out to be true, in the best of ways. As a part of my on-boarding process, I visited different Siemens locations to get a deeper appreciation of our work. One of the first places I went was the Siemens Government Technologies office. That’s where I saw a sign that said: “When you answer the phone, 50,000 employees are behind it.” It made me realize that there’s no single issue that impacts just one of our business units or just one of our facilities.

So having a role in which I’m able to work on joint solutions across operating companies, and work on opportunities for growth on the policy side, has been tremendously eye-opening for me. It is also incredibly humbling sometimes because I’ll meet the men and women who work with a great variety of technologies, and as they explain the breadth of their capabilities, the mass intellect and talent of this company becomes readily apparent.


Day to day, I’m doing all sorts of things: Monitoring legislation that can create cross-operating company interest and help solve market needs, talking with U.S. leadership to learn what market opportunities they see and informing policy makers of new innovations and market changes, to help them develop a long-term focus.


My colleagues and I have participated in tours with members of Congress, visiting Siemens offices and facilities across the U.S., including our oil and gas operations in Houston, our Building Technologies sales offices in San Diego, and our Energy Management manufacturing operations in Richland, Miss. Siemens is an active member in the communities it serves, and elected officials pay close attention to this company. So it is very important to me to be a positive representative for them and to continue to promote ongoing relationships that are ultimately essential for progress.


This job gives me an amazing opportunity to represent a company that racks up tremendous accomplishments year after year, and is a global leader for innovation. Siemens has a company culture that is very open and generous, and that’s the approach I try to emulate in everything I do. I’m weaving a network of relationships based on understanding, respect, and a collective vision of the future.


Published On: January 3rd, 2019