Meet the Makers: Welding Specialist shines bright at Siemens Mobility

Meet the Makers: Welding Specialist shines bright at Siemens Mobility

One of Siemens’ secrets to success is the hard working employees who make a positive impact every day.


At Siemens Mobility in Sacramento, California, welding specialist Brandon Beattie constantly looks for ways to effect positive change wherever he can.


“Every day I wake up grateful, thinking about how I can do better than the day before,” Brandon said. “I prepare myself to step up to the challenges of our business, and do anything I can to help.”


At the Sacramento division, Brandon and his co-workers specialize in light rail and locomotive trains that will transport millions of commuters across North America.


“As an American Welding Society (AWS) certified welding inspector, I support welding quality management,” he said. “I work with an elite team of individuals responsible for the planning, supervising, and testing of railway vehicle construction.”


Brandon discovered his current career path during college in 2008.


“My passion for welding grew with the help from inspirational welding instructors at American River College in Sacramento where I received my Associates of Science degree in Welding Technology,” Brandon said.


While on an AWS facility tour, Brandon recalled the moment he knew he wanted to work at Siemens.

“As soon as I saw the trains and welds up close,” he said. “I thought to myself, ‘wow I really want to build these!’”


Since starting at Siemens in June 2009, Brandon has been able to hone his skills and pick up others along the way.


“I have been provided many opportunities for my professional growth and development,” he said.

In 2011, Brandon travelled to Graz, Austria, to receive some specialized training.


“It was for welding specialist training,” he said. “I trained with welding specialists and welding engineers on welding inspections, quality management systems and hands-on training.”

In 2012, he had the opportunity to go to Munich, Germany to learn about Siemens’ new Amtrak Cities Sprinter (ACS) locomotive.


“It was challenging because it was our first locomotive project,” Brandon said. “Spending the winter in Munich with my colleagues and learning about locomotive welding and the quality requirements needed, I gained confidence in how to plan and get ready for any new start-up projects.”


Last year, Brandon added another major accomplishment to his resume.


“After a year of distance learning, 13 weeks in the classroom in Germany, six written exams and one final oral exam,” he continued, “I earned the title and diploma of International Welding Technologist (IWT).”


Getting certified has been Brandon’s dream and it was a great feeling completing it.

“I felt very accomplished and proud,” Brandon said. “The greatest and most important feelings though were joy and gratitude for the amazing opportunity Siemens provided me.”


Brandon is a devoted Oakland Raiders fan and coaches his son’s soccer team. Yet he also enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.


“I volunteer with the Sacramento Valley section of the American Welding Society to help promote careers in welding.”


Brandon also likes to give back to his alma mater.


“I am now making the dreams of other young men and women come true who want to become welding professionals as a welding instructor at American River College,” he said. “In the last year, several of my students are now working full time here at Siemens as welders.”


Siemens has been a great opportunity for Brandon and he relishes every moment.


“I love my job and working with all the people here,” he said. “When you love your job, although you are working very hard, you enjoy the work and the challenges that come with it.”


April 13th, 2018