Our Day at the Brightline Trainset Unveil (PHOTO BLOG)

Our Day at the Brightline Trainset Unveil (PHOTO BLOG)

By: Michael Cahill, President of Siemens Rolling Stock, North America and Chris Maynard, VP of Customer Services, Siemens Mobility


Today, we were proud to join Brightline for their reveal of the first completed trainset that will soon be running on Florida rails. It has been an extraordinary journey, beginning in 2014 when Siemens was chosen to build an initial five trainsets for the express inter-city service, that has brought us to the West Palm Beach maintenance facility today for a first look at the full trainset.


The trains are true modern machines and represent the best in innovation. We’ve harnessed our vast rail expertise from around the globe and brought it to Florida. Some of these industry leading rail technologies including new clean diesel-electric operation that reduces emissions and results in quieter rides, advanced safety standards, greater accessibility, and interior features that will make this one of the best passenger experiences in the world. We’re also proud that these trainsets are 100% Buy America compliant, built in Sacramento, and rely on a robust and diverse base of U.S. rail suppliers from more than 20 states.


We’ll also be partnering with Brightline to provide full service and maintenance for the Brightline trainsets, supporting full-time employment for approximately 110 Siemens and Brightline employees. These positions will be highly-skilled roles that require a deep knowledge base in order to keep the advanced locomotives and coaches running smoothly. We’re planning to create training and workforce development programs locally to ensure these employees have the most advanced skill sets in the rail maintenance and service industry.

Congratulations to Brightline on this important milestone! We can’t wait to see these trains running in Florida later this year.


Check out photos below of the many innovations throughout Brightline’s first trainset:


The exterior of Brightline’s Brightblue train.



Brightline’s interior aisles are 32 inches, wider than any other train, providing ample space for wheelchairs and strollers to easily glide throughout the coach with access to all areas, including the restrooms. 



Touchless bathrooms are large enough to accommodate those in wheelchairs or with small children in strollers.



Brightline is offering complimentary, powerful Wi-Fi, powered by multiple antennas on every train, so guests can bring their own devices and have instant connectivity.


Published On: January 11th, 2017