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Siemens joins the Race to Zero in Florida

Brie Sachse, Vice President of Government Affairs

Across the United States, public-private partnerships are demonstrating how we can take bold action to ensure our built environment is more sustainable, resilient and seamlessly connected to technology that makes our lives better.


Last month, I participated in a webinar hosted by the Florida Race to Zero and the Chambers For Innovation and Clean Energy. As part of this event, I sat down with Eric Brewer, Walmart’s senior director of public affairs and government relations, to discuss what it will take for Florida to cross the finish line in its “Race to Zero.” One point was clear: Through public-private partnerships, we have the power to ignite climate adaptation and resiliency strategies. 


Especially as the bar is continually raised, customers are turning to leaders in industry to help them achieve ambitious goals of net-zero energy and emissions. At the same time, corporations are leading by example and leaning into their responsibility to inspire and showcase what’s possible and how the technology available today can be installed as rapidly as possible.

Customers are turning to leaders in industry to help them achieve ambitious goals of net-zero energy and emissions. At the same time, corporations are leading by example and leaning into their responsibility to inspire and showcase what’s possible and how the technology available today can be installed as rapidly as possible.

Siemens USA is engaging in these efforts as a longtime partner to the Sunshine State, with over 1,350 employees supporting infrastructure, transportation and industry. Our focus as a technology company is to empower our customers to do more with less, designing efficient products and solutions that don’t require them to choose between profit and planet.


More specifically, our technologies are supporting local governments and other corporations in their journeys toward sustainability – a journey we’re on ourselves. That’s why in our own “Race to Zero” Siemens USA is committing to net-zero operations across our building and manufacturing facilities by 2030.


To get there, we are calling on our workforce, our customers, our suppliers and our local government partners to help us make change happen. We are all going to have to work together to pinpoint the opportunities and implement the solutions that will create a better tomorrow. In the process, we can help move the entire market along as we scale these solutions, reducing costs for products as we achieve our emissions targets. Because buildings and the transportation sectors equate to more than 80 percent of emissions globally, when large corporations like Siemens USA set and meet ambitious net-zero goals, it has an impact.


So it’s time to mobilize around bold action. Creating a sustainable future is something that cannot be done alone. But when we can partner with the communities we call home, it’s a win-win in our shared mission to achieve a net-zero world.


Learn more on our Climate Action Page: www.usa.siemens.com/climateaction


Watch the panel discussion here.


Published: October 28, 2021