Siemens shines light on innovation

Siemens shines light on innovation

Siemens’ flagship U.S. technology conference, Spotlight on Innovation, featured important conversations and showcased real-world technologies that will propel the digital transformation of industries and cities around the world. Siemens also announced that the company, as reported by Cheddar, will continue to grow U.S. R&D investment, fueling its reinvention as a top-10 global software company.


“Technology helps us create space where human ideas can take flight,” Barbara Humpton, CEO, Siemens USA, said in her opening remarks. “This is what we mean when we’re talking about expanding what’s humanly possible.”


Siemens hosted the May 22 event in Orlando, a major employment hub and technology partner for the company. Siemens is providing its digital-planning tool to the city in order to help achieve its sustainability goals. The company also expanded its technology partnership with the host venue, the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, which will use Siemens smart building technology, making it one of the most technologically advanced entertainment venues in the U.S.


Attendees included journalists, analysts, thought leaders and Siemens’ customers and partners. Viewers also tuned in for the livestream and joined the conversation using the hashtag #SiemensInnovates as they learned about the companies and people working with Siemens to embrace the new digital revolution.


Watch some of the highlights


Power Engineering reported on Siemens’ new partnership with Alphabet off-shoot Chronicle to identify and protect against cyber threats to our energy systems.

The Jacksonville Business Journal highlighted how the Jacksonville Jaguars are now putting IoT to work by using the Siemens MindSphere IoT platform to monitor and improve their field conditions, while CRN interviewed Humpton about Siemens’ broader IoT strategy.


Newport News Shipbuilding relies on Siemens digital-twin software to digitalize its manufacturing operations so it can more efficiently build mission-critical nuclear-powered U.S. naval carriers. “Digital ecosystems start with design,” said Bharat Amin, VP and CIO of the company, which makes nuclear-power aircraft carriers and submarines for a single client: the U.S. Navy. “I wish we could 3D-print an entire aircraft carrier, but we’re not there yet.”


Meanwhile, for businesses just starting to adopt the IoT at an industrial scale, “start small, think big, keep it simple, then rinse and repeat,” advised Mathew Craddock, Controls Technician at Continental Powertrain USA.


And as they marveled at a video game-inspired, VR-designed motorcycle, Humpton and Hackrod CEO Mouse McCoy shared ideas on how to inspire a new generation of high-tech designers. With Siemens software, McCoy’s startup company is leveraging the gamification of engineering to create full-scale cars and validate performance with simulations on a computer.


“How many millions of kids are playing Fortnight right now?” McCoy said. “They can industrialize that—entire classrooms can come together to form industrial companies with kids collaborating digitally, state to state. They can start motorcycle companies in their bedrooms.”


Event videos, photos and a full replay are available on Siemens’ Spotlight on Innovation page as well as our multimedia page.


Published On: May 24th, 2019