Siemens USA honors outstanding small and diverse-owned suppliers

Siemens USA honors outstanding small and diverse-owned suppliers

By: Nichelle Grant, Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and Patric Stadtfeld, Head of Supply Chain Management USA

As the impact of COVID-19 rippled around the world, one lesson that quickly became apparent is the need for resilient supply chains. We’re more resilient when our supplier base is inclusive, fostering not only greater competition but also flexibility when times are tough. 


That’s why our longstanding commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at Siemens USA extends to the marketplace. In fact, more than 6,000 of our suppliers, roughly a quarter of our entire supplier base, represent small and diverse-owned businesses. Annually, we spend $1.2 billion doing business with these companies.


“Supplier diversity contributes to excellence in our supply chain, leading to growth for Siemens and our suppliers in the marketplace, as well as helping to create social impacts on the changing demographic landscape of the United States,” said Natasha Vialva-Haynes, Program Manager for the Siemens Supplier Diversity Program. 


On Nov. 18, 11 of our small and diverse-owned business partners were honored at the fourth annual Small and Diverse Supplier Awards Ceremony, held virtually this year. The awards are given by Siemens’ operating and strategic companies, and they showcase just how integral our work together is across our portfolio. The highlighted projects also reflect the value that these businesses—many led by minorities, women, and veterans—are bringing to the marketplace. 


This year we recognized outstanding suppliers such as GeneCo, Inc., a minority- and woman-owned small business that has partnered with Siemens Government Technologies to support preventative maintenance and large complex projects, including crucial HVAC, electrical, and plumbing work.


We honored Pathfinder IT Solutions, Inc., a small business owned by a service-disabled veteran, which works with Siemens Digital Industries Software to find and secure military shipbuilding-industry business through scouting potential digitalization and technological needs.


And Farmers Copper LTD, a vendor of our Smart Infrastructure business, was recognized for its commitment to ongoing cost improvement by acquiring equipment that is 100-percent compatible with the Siemens fabrication competency standards, helping to raise the estimated value of several Siemens FY21 projects. 

It is important for Siemens to recognize its small and diverse suppliers, because these partnerships contribute to the overall economic growth of both Siemens and our supply base.

Other award winners include custom fabrication manufacturers, robotics technologists, and diagnostic-device manufacturers.


“It is important for Siemens to recognize its small and diverse suppliers, because these partnerships contribute to the overall economic growth of both Siemens and our supply base,” Natasha Vialva-Haynes said. “Siemens uses its annual supplier award ceremony as a way to promote and bring awareness to the impact these small and divers suppliers create.”


In creating these partnerships and others throughout our supplier base, we’re supporting supply chains that are more resilient and ready for the future. We’re also creating a stronger Siemens. We all benefit when the best ideas can be brought to the table. Diversity in the marketplace fosters this growth and innovation, just as it does in our workplace and in our workforce. It’s good for business and society. 


We look forward to how our commitment to DEI will continue to grow through our Siemens Supplier Diversity Program, which encourages small and diverse-owned businesses to be part of our supplier network. To us, it’s a win-win. Not only can we provide exceptional value to our customers with the high-quality products and services that these businesses offer, but we can also advance a marketplace where opportunities for economic growth and success are accessible to all. 


Published: December 3, 2020