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Strategic partnerships for advancing additive manufacturing

By: Corporate Communications

Siemens has announced three new strategic partnerships to showcase our focus on the future of industrialized additive manufacturing (AM) in the United States. This ensures Siemens has a direct connection to the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that are creating the latest AM equipment on the market, a crucial competitive edge when it comes the utilization of our design software. In other words, manufacturers will have the latest technologies to take advantage of combined benefits of digitalization and AM.


First, Siemens USA entered a new, strategic collaboration with Xerox® Elem™ Additive Solutions to strengthen metal additive-manufacturing (AM) capabilities, a crucial element for many manufacturing businesses across the country. This collaboration includes a major event: the installation of a Xerox® ElemX™3D printer at the Siemens Charlotte Advanced Technology Collaboration Hub (CATCH), which opens this April.


This relationship highlights both companies’ strong commitment to advancing the future of industrial additive manufacturing through industry partnerships and rigorous innovation.


ElemX is a truly groundbreaking 3D metal printer that’s simpler and safer to use and addresses supply chain resiliency for transportation, aerospace, defense, and industrial manufacturing. The printer is easily deployed, requiring no special facility modifications for operation. Unlike many metal 3D printing technologies, the ElemX requires minimal post-processing, providing a faster time-to-part.


So, by purchasing the ElemX metal 3D Printer, Siemens adds a very high-level capability to its fleet of additive machines inside CATCH, significantly upgrading the facility’s focus on the industrialization of additive manufacturing and its on-site collaboration with machine builders, material suppliers, and end-customers. The ElemX leverages Xerox’s liquid-metal AM that incorporates a state-of-the-art Siemens control platform that includes embedded digital-twin (DT) technology to optimize the printing process.


“Siemens and Xerox share a similar vision to advance manufacturing through creative and collaborative partnerships that collectively push us forward in the right direction,” said Tali Rosman, VP and GM of Xerox® Elem™ Additive Solutions. “This is another important milestone for our ElemX technology and we look forward to working with an innovative and forward-thinking organization such as Siemens. Together, Siemens and Xerox Elem Additive Solutions will enable our customers to manufacture parts on-demand with confidence and maximize new opportunities to improve supply chain resiliency.”

Together, Siemens and Xerox Elem Additive Solutions will enable our customers to manufacture parts on-demand with confidence and maximize new opportunities to improve supply chain resiliency, while our partnerships with Roboze and Morf3D will increase the productivity, competitiveness, and efficiency of manufacturers looking to prepare for the future now.

Second, Siemens and the German tech firm Roboze announced a strategic partnership aimed at pooling their skills to create complete workflows for the industrialization of 3D printing and increase the production opportunities of companies involved in the energy, mobility, and aerospace sectors. In a second major event at CATCH, Siemens has chosen to implement the Roboze ARGO 500 industrial 3D printer at the hub to help further industrialize additive manufacturing in the US.


This new collaboration in 3D printing between Siemens, the global technological pioneer for industry, infrastructure, and mobility, and Roboze, a leader in industrial 3D printing of super polymers and composite materials, will increase the productivity, competitiveness, and efficiency of manufacturers that have embarked on the path to the future of industry.


“We have embarked on a path that sees us leading the way with Roboze to increase the production capacities of manufacturing companies around the world,” said Tim Bell, Additive Manufacturing Business Manager at Siemens. “We have experienced the potential of Roboze's 3D printing firsthand, so much so that we have chosen to implement their ARGO 500 into our processes. I see ample strategic opportunities for the future of manufacturing.”


Third, Siemens Advanta, our IoT consultancy and solutions integration arm, has committed to an ongoing technology development partnership with Morf3D, Inc., a subsidiary of Nikon Corporation and a trusted leader in metal additive manufacturing (AM), as Morf3D continues to build its new Applied Digital Manufacturing Center (ADMC) in Long Beach, California.


Morf3D's ADMC is a new 90,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility that harnesses applied research, advanced engineering and application development, serial production, and, most significantly, new industry partnerships with global leaders to drive the industrialization of digital manufacturing in high-growth markets. As part of Siemens Advanta’s inaugural project, the consultancy will leverage advanced design and simulation software from Siemens Digital Industries to develop a scale-up plan and bottleneck analysis, and to explore novel manufacturing and logistic concepts for the Long Beach center. Material flow and space demand will be validated based on a digital twin of production.


“Siemens Advanta is proud to contribute to the forward-thinking innovation that is transforming the additive manufacturing industry,” said Rani Shea, CEO of Siemens Advanta, North America. “In working with Morf3D and its new ADMC, we look forward to helping optimize additive manufacturing capabilities for the aerospace industry.”


With its future-focused vision about AM well in motion, Siemens intends for its partnerships with Xerox, Roboze, Morf3D, and also with ExOne, the 3D-printing and metal-casting company, to help ensure direct connections to the OEMs that are creating the latest AM equipment on the market. This will give us and our partners a crucial competitive edge through the utilization of our design software. We will also enjoy access to the latest industry tools to show manufacturers how to take advantage of combined benefits of digitization and AM.


Innovation calls for collaboration. This is why Siemens Advanta, our IoT consultancy arm, recently announced their partnership with Morf3D to develop a factory simulation and layout for their upcoming 90,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, Applied Digital Manufacturing Center (ADMC) coming to Long Beach, California.


Spearheading our collaborative work, our U.S. CEO Barbara Humpton will be the opening keynote speaker at RAPID, the world’s largest AM event, in Detroit in May. And all this news comes after Barbara recently hosted an event with President Biden on the future of American manufacturing.

Published: March 30, 2022

Updates: April 7, 2022