The Best Siemens Stories & Media 2019

By: U.S. Corporate Communications

Within Corporate Communications we certainly have our favorites, so we wanted to share them with our readership. A selection of blog posts and media hits were opened to a “best-of” vote for the 50,000+ Siemens USA employees around the country.


All the candidate stories are great, and our top two stories of 2019 are:  


Siemens Stories and other 2019 media coverage highlighted just about everything that is Siemens USA. Multiple narratives—about smart citieshigh-tech car designSTEM outreachapprenticeshipsmicrogrids; and more—came together to illustrate Siemens USA’s commitment to innovation and using technology to expand what’s humanly possible. 

“How experiencing prejudice made me fight harder for diversity and inclusion.” 

by Judy Martinez-Faye, Chief City Executive, Midwest

As a child, Judy Martinez-Faye set her sights on law school, seeing that as the best way to arm herself to fight the discrimination she and her family had endured. She became a prosecutor before joining Siemens, and now describes herself as “a proud Hispanic female. . .determined as ever to advance diversity and inclusion,” doing so through her work for Siemens championing large public-infrastructure projects.

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“How a high schooler helped an injured veteran get moving again,”

The Today Show, February 25 (Siemens media)


Seventeen-year-old Ashley Kimbel got a jump on a career in bioengineering when she decided to design a better, lighter prosthetic foot for a neighbor—a former Marine wounded in combat. In a year-long project using Siemens design software, Ashley created an original engineering marvel, a foot that allowed for maximized outdoors activities like hiking and snowboarding. This is the kind of digital innovation that Siemens is proud of, because it changes lives for the better. 

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The Siemens story only gets more interesting as we chart a path through Industry 4.0, embrace digital transformation, and help customers master the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Check back with Siemens Stories throughout 2020 as our leaders share insights and shed light on important project. We hope our stories might even inspire you to join our team