Wall of Heroes: Richard Mason

Wall of Heroes: Richard Mason

Richard Mason was born in Fort Dix, New Jersey, and served in the U.S. Navy from 1983-1987.


Richard’s family had military ties and that was one reason he joined.


“My dad was Army Infantry and served with the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions, and was also part of the 405th Infantry Regiment,” Richard explained.


His father served as a scout in Vietnam and Korea, and Richard always admired the commendations he received during his military service.


“I remember my dad having this box of medals when I was growing up,” Richard said. “With his medals he also had three purple hearts.”


Once he joined the Navy, Richard spent his career in the Auxiliary Division onboard a Los Angeles Class Nuclear Submarine.


“I was a Machinist Mate on the submarine,” Richard said.


He specialized in maintenance and repairs of auxiliary equipment and worked to maintain and operate different mechanical systems.


“I was in charge of atmosphere control equipment, hydraulics and pneumatics,” Richard said. "I was also one of the diesel engine operators.”


He was also utilized as a diver as well.


“As a diver, I searched the submarine each time before deployment to ensure the hull was clean, no sabotage had been done while in port or that any explosives were attached to harm the boat or crew,” Richard said.


After leaving the Navy in 1987, Richard spent a few months as a salvage diver before finding an interest in power plant work, and that led him to Siemens.


“I originally started with A-C Equipment Services out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1991,” Richard explained.


“They were later bought by Siemens and I have been with them through the transition.”

Richard, an Alliance Manager, has been with the company for almost 25 years supporting Siemens power and energy businesses.


Each day still brings a new feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment for Richard.


“We safely and successfully take large scale turbines apart every day, repair and/or replace the components not performing to their optimum capabilities and assemble them back to tolerances smaller than a human hair,” Richard said. “If we couldn’t do it safely, we wouldn’t do it. Knowing that we work for a company so focused on safety makes going to work a pleasure.”


Richard still credits some of the early skills he acquired in the Navy to helping him in his current role.


“A lot of what we do depends on decision making and teamwork skills and no one teaches that better than the military,” Richard said.


When not at work, Richard enjoys hiking, fishing, kayaking and touring the U.S. with his family in their recreational vehicle.


Working for Siemens has been a great experience for Richard and he cherishes every moment.


“Another great part of working at Siemens over the years has been the relationships I’ve made,” Richard said.

“We have watched each other’s children grow from birth to adulthood, graduate high school and college and start their own careers, some at Siemens. Friends have retired and some have passed, but similar to the military, we will always share a bond of the time we spent together and we share those memories. That is what makes working at Siemens most special to me.”


Published On: May 11th, 2018