Why we’re building a BRIDG to digital twins in semiconductor industry

Why we’re building a BRIDG to digital twins in semiconductor industry

By: Rob Rudder, Executive Vice President, Siemens PLM Software


Semiconductors are the technology inside our technology. As they improve, our smart devices get even smarter.


But as we look ahead, semiconductors also have their work cut out for them like never before. While the industry’s history is so far defined by being able to provide consistently exponential increases in speed and power, its future is a rapidly expanding market brought on by the Internet of Things.


Every day, more than 5 million new things go online. Put another way: by 2030, there will be a trillion new devices that need semiconductors. This development not only expands the market; it sparks new competitive pressures as new companies look to challenge the more established businesses that have long defined the industry.


These factors explain why we believe it’s important to accelerate innovation in the semiconductor industry by bringing design and manufacturing together into new digital twin solutions that integrate with advanced analytic tools to reduce new product introduction cycle times.


Yesterday we announced our new partnership with BRIDG, the world’s first not-for-profit industry-led smart sensor public-private partnership in the semiconductor industry. BRIDG is in a unique position to advance innovation in the semiconductor industry, as well as other industries, with its smart manufacturing wafer fabrication facility dedicated to new product launches in the IoT segment.

Through this partnership, Siemens will provide an in-kind software grant valued at more than $30 million to BRIDG that will enable its digital enterprise site to feature the complete Siemens product lifecycle management (PLM) portfolio. At BRIDG, manufacturers in the semiconductor industry will now have access to the same PLM software currently leveraged by more than 140,000 companies worldwide to help improve manufacturing throughput, improve product quality and reduce costs. Companies in the semiconductor, consumer electronics, auto, automation and drives (A&D) and medical device industries will be able to take advantage of the BRIDG program to accelerate their innovation as well.


For Siemens, this partnership is about even more than innovation; we see it as an extension of our commitment to Florida communities and to investing in the current and future workforce. Siemens currently has approximately 5,000 employees across the state. We also support more than 75 customers here that depend on PLM software every day. And within the last 18 months, Siemens has been able to provide PLM grants to the University of Central Florida and the Florida Institute of Technology .


We are proud to help area students develop the technical skills they need to participate in digital manufacturing, and more specifically, gain an understanding of semiconductor design and manufacturing process. The industry is experiencing a workforce shortage and will significantly benefit from a program developing new talent.


Published On: January 26th, 2018