With over 2,400 employees, including more than 160 veterans, Atlanta is a pivotal hub for Siemens. The company is helping the Atlanta region innovate its infrastructure and is committed to developing the local workforce through a decades-long relationship with the Georgia Institute of Technology. Metro Atlanta is home to more than a dozen Siemens facilities, including a manufacturing facility and a MindSphere Application Center for Rail on Georgia Tech’s campus.
Atlanta's Streetcar Future

Siemens Builds the First Streetcars for Atlanta Since 1949

With connections to MARTA, the 2.7-mile, 12-stop downtown loop features easy-to-ride vehicles manufactured by Siemens in California and nearby Alpharetta, Georgia.

Siemens technology is helping Atlanta bring its streetcar system back to life and connecting communities with ultra-modern, U.S.-built vehicles and digital service platforms that use data to improve reliability, safety and availability.

Turning Rail Data Into Action

Internet of Trains

Siemens MindSphere Application Center in downtown Atlanta uses intelligent software to create an ‘Internet of Trains’ to improve the nation’s rail operations.

At the MindSphere Application Center for Rail located on the Georgia Tech campus, teams use intelligent sensors and advanced software platforms to detect malfunctions on rail systems well before they can cause problems. They also analyze information to improve arrival times and punctuality for riders. 

30 Years of U.S.-built Drives

Siemens Mobility Builds Buy America-compliant Components

Siemens offers motors, gears, and innovative and reliable system solutions for drive converters that are perfectly synchronized and perfectly customized to customers’ individual requirements.

In operation since 1990, the 138,000 square foot GA400 facility in Alpharetta is one of several U.S.-based Siemens manufacturing facilities propelling the rail industry across North America.