Nearly 1,700 employees work in the Charlotte region, including approximately 60 U.S. military veterans, with more than 1,200 supporting the energy business. Charlotte is home to the Siemens worldwide energy hub that manufactures and services generators, gas and steam turbines for the power generation market. Over the past 10 years, Siemens has also partnered with Charlotte to help craft and implement its vision of a smart, sustainable city.
Powering Up Charlotte

Manufacturing Advanced Energy Technologies

Siemens Charlotte Energy Hub is the world’s most efficient and flexible power generation equipment facility.

Siemens Charlotte Energy facility is the company’s worldwide hub for manufacturing and servicing 60Hz fossil power generation equipment, with additional capabilities for the 50Hz market. Opened in 1969, the facility has manufactured and serviced the power generation market for decades.

Winning the Digital Race

Faster Cars with Siemens Software

One of NASCAR’s most successful teams, Hendrick Motorsports, has partnered with Siemens PLM Software since 1997 across its racing operations.

Because the team has to reinvent itself each time it gets on the track, Hendrick Motorsports uses Siemens’ digital twin software to ensure designs meet requirements, provide personnel with real-time data, and optimize performance for individual parts to benefit the entire car.

Siemens in Charlotte

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