With nearly 1,900 employees, Siemens has an extensive footprint and history in Ohio. The state is home to one of the company’s oldest manufacturing sites in the world in Norwood and is embarking on a new partnership with the City of Columbus to implement intelligent traffic technologies to increase safety and reduce congestion. 
Old Becomes New

Embracing Industry 4.0 in a 120-year-old Plant

With a $30 million investment, Siemens transformed its electric motor manufacturing facility into an innovative global motor R&D center with $8.5 million worth of machinery and equipment.

Built in 1898, the Siemens Norwood, Ohio, manufacturing facility is one of the company’s oldest. The plant, which underwent a significant modernization, manufacturers large traction motors and parts used in industries like rail, oil and gas, chemical, pulp and paper, mining and power generation.

Clean Energy in Ohio

Cleaner-Burning, Affordable Natural Gas in Lordstown

A combined cycle gas turbine plant, Lordstown Energy Center generates 949MW of electricity—providing power to 800,000 homes and producing half the carbon dioxide of coal-powered plants.

Siemens is providing U.S.-manufactured H-Class turbine technology to help power the Lordstown natural gas-fueled power plant. The economic impact in the region over the plant’s 40-year life is projected at more than $30 billion.

Siemens in Ohio

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