More than 900 Siemens employees work in the Detroit region in the company’s eight facilities across PLM software and building technologies businesses. Siemens also has a variety of customers throughout the city, including Founders Brewery, Ford and RedViking. Statewide, Siemens has over 25 academic partnerships with high schools, community colleges and universities, including Oakland University and Lawrence Technological University.
Brewing Excellence

Software Goes Sudsy at Founders Brewing Co.

Utilizing automation software and control panels, Siemens helped Founders Brewing standardize recipes and expand its R&D brewhouse.

At its R&D brewhouse, Founders Brewing uses Siemens software to test products with more flexibility, accurately manipulating brewing temperatures to ensure its unique batches come out perfectly each time.

Winning With MindSphere

Changing the Manufacturing Landscape With Patti Engineering

Patti Engineering uses Siemens IoT platform, MindSphere, to take device data, send it to the cloud, and convert it into actionable information.

A control system integration company based in Auburn Hills, Michigan, Patti Engineering can use Siemens MindSphere to help manufacturing companies customize solutions to meet their unique business needs.

Siemens in Detroit

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