Los Angeles

Los Angeles

More than 1,100 Siemens employees work across 14 facilities in the Los Angeles community spanning its infrastructure, healthcare, and software businesses. Working in partnership with the City of Los Angeles, a leader in clean energy and climate resilience, Siemens published the City Performance Tool (CyPT) report highlighting how clean, sustainable technologies can help the city create more than 1.8 million jobs by 2050.
Flying Ahead

Critical Data Insight at LAX

Siemens intelligent building technologies are helping Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) access critical airport operations data in real-time.

Siemens technology provides real-time data needed for analysis and rapid decision-making in the air and on the ground during normal and crisis scenarios. Since its installation in 2015, the technology has improved customer experience, safety and security in and around the airport.

Driving Innovation

Siemens Demonstrates First eHighway System in the Nation

South of LA, Siemens set up the nation’s first electric highway, demonstrating how its truck electrification technology has the potential to reduce carbon emissions by over 6 million tons.

The eHighway demonstration supplied big-rig trucks with electric power, similar to how modern-day streetcars are powered on city streets. Electrifying heavy-duty trucks, the number one sources of smog-forming emissions in Southern California, will help improve air quality and reduce CO2 emissions.

Siemens in Los Angeles

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