Bridge and high rises in Pittsburgh


Siemens has over 800 employees in the Pittsburgh area, which is home to the Siemens 23,000-square-foot Rail Automation manufacturing and engineering hub. In addition to helping modernize the Energy Innovation Center with building technologies, Siemens and the City of Pittsburgh partnered to implement the company’s City Performance Tool to analyze the economic and environmental impacts of Pittsburgh’s proposed energy districts.
Retrofitting the EIC

Modernizing Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh’s Energy Innovation Center (EIC), one of the region’s oldest buildings, is being brought into the 21st century with intelligent technology.

Siemens deployed the latest digital tools for integrated building management at the EIC – a national historic landmark and LEED Platinum Certified facility. The system allows the EIC to monitor energy usage to ensure maximum energy efficiency, while contributing to its overall sustainability.

Siemens in Pittsburgh

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