Siemens in the USA for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Since 1972, Siemens has been delivering solutions, services and technical components to Puerto Rico’s most critical energy and transportation infrastructure. Now operating in two locations, Siemens is also an important partner to the island's pharmaceutical industry, providing safe, secure, efficient and compliant environments for several of the largest manufacturers.
Helping a Caribbean Oil Refinery Avert Disaster

Disaster-Proof Solutions

Thanks to its combined heat and power (CHP) plant and Siemens SGE-24SM propane engines, Yabucoa-based Olein Refinery and Lubricants was up and running only days after Hurricane Maria.

After sustaining winds exceeding 150 miles per hour, Olein employees returned to the production site to survey storm damage and discovered the plant remained completely intact. After employees cleaned up the surrounding area, the plant was at full capacity, supplying all of Olein’s power needs.

Reliability and Resiliency

Modernizing Puerto Rico's Power Grid

Siemens has provided input on a new energy plan proposing a “mini-grid” concept for Puerto Rico.

The proposal includes the replacement of the island's single grid with a series of mini-grids that can act independently; if an area loses power, an adjacent mini-grid can help supply some electricity to compensate for the outage. Once completed, the solution can serve as a model for other climate vulnerable parts of the U.S.