San Diego

With over 225 employees across 5 facilities, from building technologies to transportation and product lifecycle management, Siemens helps support San Diego’s economic growth and improve quality of life. 
San Diego Transit

Siemens’ Largest U.S. Light Rail Customer

Siemens is manufacturing 45 new S70 light rail vehicles to the San Diego Municipal Transit System (MTS), bringing the total number of vehicles delivered to the city to 244.

Siemens has been building light rail vehicles (LRVs) for San Diego for nearly 40 years. The new vehicles will allow service enhancements on existing rail lines, provide the necessary LRVs to operate the 11-mile extension of UC San Diego Blue Line, and meet the mobility demands of the city’s diverse communities and expanding system.

Driving for Distance

Siemens Innovation Powers a Sports Revolution

Siemens software transforms the way companies design and manufacture sports equipment, enabling San Diego-based Callaway to deliver golf clubs customized for its customers’ skill levels.

Siemens integrates sensors and advanced manufacturing technology to power a revolution in sports equipment, recreation and the fan experience. From lighter, stronger materials to new video display systems, Siemens is helping partners like Callaway change the games we love and play.