With over 650 employees in the Seattle area, Siemens is making it easier than ever to comfortably navigate the city. Its intelligent software is changing traffic patterns in real-time and reducing commutes, while its locomotives and light rail vehicles help lead a rail resurgence across the region. Siemens technology is also deployed in the world’s first gas-powered data center, Microsoft’s Advanced Energy Lab.
A New Era in Locomotives

Siemens Delivers Cleaner, More Efficient Rail Travel to Seattle

Siemens-built Charger locomotives are among the cleanest-running in the United States. The Chargers reduce emissions by approximately 90 percent compared to older technology.

The Chargers are lighter, quieter, and feature advanced technology to help the locomotive move along the corridor more efficiently. The locomotives are also U.S.-built out of Siemens rail manufacturing hub in Sacramento, California.