Aerial View of South Carolina buildings

South Carolina

South Carolina is home to approximately 650 Siemens employees and features one of the company’s key energy infrastructure manufacturing hubs located in Spartanburg. Recently, Siemens and BMW partnered with Greenville Technical College and Clemson University on a new manufacturing R&D facility, which will support the colleges’ effort to close the manufacturing skills gap in South Carolina.
The Assembly Line Lab

Rethinking Manufacturing Education at the Clemson Vehicle Assembly Center

At the Clemson Vehicle Assembly Center, Siemens helped design a curriculum, research program and lab that include a full vehicle assembly line, robotics, and autonomous vehicles.

The Center takes a novel approach to advanced manufacturing education. Clemson engineering students and students from Greenville Tech collaborate with Siemens and BMW engineers to gain factory floor experience that will prepare them with the skills needed for an automated automotive career. 

Reducing Power Outages

Improving Network Reliability With Digital Grid Technology

Siemens worked with the utility in Orangeburg, South Carolina, to reduce power outages at the world’s largest Ibuprofen plant.

Facing reliability issues, the plant was averaging two to three significant power outages per year, resulting in serious production losses and waste generation. A Siemens solution was deployed in 2013 and, so far, there hasn’t been a single interruption to the chemical plant’s production.