Tampa skyline


The Tampa Bay Area is home to approximately 90 Siemens employees across five locations. Notably, Siemens and Chromalloy Gas Turbine Corporation opened an advanced manufacturing facility that will bring an additional 350 employees to the area. Siemens is also working to help modernize the city through one of the nation's first Connected Vehicle pilots.
Advancing Job Growth

A Strong Partnership Brings Advanced Manufacturing to Tampa

The Siemens and Chromalloy Gas Turbine Corporation and Advanced Airfoil Components facility delivers state-of-the-art solutions for global power and gas customers out of Hillsborough County.

This partnership represents a capital investment of $139 million and will add 350 jobs in Florida. The Advanced Airfoil Components casting facility is 210,000 square feet, enabling production of the entire range of blades and vanes for Siemens gas turbine fleet.

Improving Traffic Safety

Piloting Innovative Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) Technology

Siemens V2I technology enables vehicles and pedestrians to communicate in a real-world setting with traffic infrastructure to reduce congestion during peak rush hour in downtown Tampa.

Siemens, as a member of the Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority, was chosen by the U.S. Department of Transportation to design and deploy next-generation technology in infrastructure and vehicles that can impact unimpaired vehicle crashes, which make up 80 percent of the crashes on the road.