Meeting the global security challenges that confront society

Securing Our Future

Meeting the global security challenges that confront society.

Protecting American communities

As technology advances and the world becomes more interconnected, the U.S. faces evolving security challenges, both natural and manmade. In recent years, the world has seen a rise in both the frequency and efficacy of terrorist attacks.  As the internet has become integrated into an ever-increasing number of government services and consumer products, hackers and cyber criminals threaten to dismantle critical infrastructure and access sensitive information systems. America must remain committed to security measures that are timely, nimble and strong enough to meet the unprecedented dangers of the 21st century.

Amid a climate of increasing turmoil, Siemens has taken an increasingly central role in working with U.S. leaders to secure the nation’s infrastructure and contribute to the strength and security of the nation’s military.  Siemens is applying its commercial technologies to assist the U.S. and to meet the global security challenges that confront society.

It’s clear that U.S. infrastructure is increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks both from an information and operational technology perspective. Siemens is committed to doing its part to protect America’s infrastructure from attacks from both criminal elements and political adversaries.

Boosting cybersecurity

Siemens has incorporated cybersecurity into all aspects of its technology development and production. This “secure-by-design” approach integrates security into everything from automation software to smart grid technology.

Siemens’ work with energy production facilities provides a substantial opportunity to help assist in securing the nation’s “soft targets.” As energy providers move to digitize their own infrastructures, the need to increase security technology is critical, and Siemens is an active participant in the development of secure technology.

Secure-by-design approaches can only go so far. It’s essential that industry develop ways to identify and react quickly to inevitable cyber attacks. That's why Siemens opened its Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC) in Milford, Ohio. The CSOC joins with Siemens’ two other centers in Lisbon and Munich to monitor industrial facilities across the globe, warn companies in the event of an attack, and assist in tactical responses to attacks. Siemens is also building out an extensive cybersecurity ecosystem, establishing partnerships with many of the world’s top cyber firms and associations, including Darktrace, PAS Global, Tenable, Inc. and the International Society of Automation (ISA).  Each partnership is designed to further protect our customer’s people, processes and plants, across energy, industry and critical infrastructure.