Employee in manufacturing plant with safety gear

Advanced Manufacturing

Factories will undergo transformation as market trends and national priorities emphasize domestic production of high-end goods requiring advanced manufacturing. Siemens’ approach to digital transformation drives this new era for American industry.

The technologies behind advanced manufacturing

Siemens works with customers and partners to deploy cutting-edge technology enabling advanced manufacturing, from digital twin to automation to additive manufacturing to digital supply chain. Our expertise supports multiple industrial sectors as we work with manufacturers of all sizes. We can help businesses from small companies to large organizations think big, start small/right size, and then scale up to fullest production. While our capabilities mesh easily with state-of-the-art facilities that are network-ready, we know how to integrate legacy equipment and infrastructure with the needs and goals of advanced manufacturing.

Key technologies for advanced manufacturing

Siemens is helping customers deploy smart, secure technologies to create fully automated advanced manufacturing processes across multiple industries, emphasizing customization and customer experience.

Digital Twin: Simulation becomes essential to advanced manufacturing

As manufacturing infrastructure becomes networked, digital twin enables smarter and faster production through the simulation of workflows and prototypes—making customization, a key element of advanced manufacturing, much more efficient.

Additive Manufacturing: Accelerating to match Industry 4.0 needs

The Siemens Charlotte Advanced Technology Collaboration Hub (CATCH), in Charlotte, NC is designed to be a collaboration space with key machine builders (OEMs), end-users, and U.S. national laboratories to ensure the successful industrialization of additive manufacturing.

Battery Manufacturing: Winning the challenge of scale for powering EVs

Digitalization and automation are game-changers in the development and production of lithium-ion batteries, helping manufacturers continually scale up to meet the huge battery demand that is coming.

Industrial Automation: Where the real and digital unite

Siemens is helping customers deploy smart, autonomous machines and robots and distributed I/O systems to create a fully automated, customer-oriented advanced manufacturing process.

Digital Supply Chain: Faster, smarter, real-time tracking of all materials

As production becomes more customized, with ever-more complex parts, supply-chain management will need to become digitalized and networked to keep pace and enable real-time tracking.

Industrial Metaverse: Innovation at the speed of software

The Industrial Metaverse connects hardware and software from the edge to the cloud and leverages the power of AI-enabled, photorealistic digital twins to drive the levels of efficiency necessary for advanced manufacturing. It will also transform the manufacturing process enabling greater collaboration, interaction and immersion for our customers through our Siemens Xcelerator platform.

Siemens Xcelerator: An ecosystem that can transform the manufacturing process

Siemens Xcelerator is an open digital business platform—an ecosystem of software, hardware, and industry expertise—designed so the digital transformation can be tailored to individual business needs for manufacturers large and small, across multiple sectors.

Industrial Cybersecurity: Evolving defenses as manufacturing becomes more complex

Data is the lifeblood of advanced manufacturing, but digitalization expands the attack surface for cybercrime—calling for industrial cybersecurity build through defensive layers for plant security, network security, and system integrity.