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Smart financing solutions enable investment for sustained industrial productivity and competitiveness.
Industry finance solutions

Smart finance: aligning to measurable business outcomes

SME or multi-national. Discrete or process industry. OEM, product manufacturer, distributor or systems integrator. Our financing solutions help manufacturers upgrade, digitalize and stay competitive - enabling them to meet the growing demand for customization, productivity and flexibility. Whether you want to purchase equipment and technology, manage cashflow or grow your business, we’ll tailor our plans to suit your circumstances. And because speed is of the essence, we can respond quickly with creative solutions that help you boost productivity, create efficiencies and capitalize on opportunities.

Digitalization is key to streamlining operating costs as well as remaining competitive.

But how do you rationalize costs while spending on new technology and equipment? The answer: smart financing from Siemens. By understanding the technology, markets, applications and operating pressures, we provide financing to achieve your clearly identified and desired business outcomes.


So what kind of outcomes are typical of digital transformation in the manufacturing industry? What business objectives from digital transformation are being enabled through smart finance, without any loss of flexibility, agility, or commercial sustainability?

Acquire innovative technology without drawing on existing capital or credit.

We help you focus on equipping your business for Industry 4.0, without letting finance issues become a barrier. Drawing on their expertise in your sector, our consultants will help you find the right financing solution to meet your business goal. 


Read on to find out more about our equipment and technology finance capabilities.

Designed to enable the acquisition of a complete system or single piece of technology or machinery, the finance period and terms are aligned to the predicted benefits you as the manufacturer will gain from the technology.  Often this type of financing will cover associated costs of ownership, such as maintenance, into a ‘bundled’ payment schedule.  To enable rapid acquisition and implementation decisions, there is also the chance to have a ‘master’ agreement with a manufacturer, streamlining the process of agreeing future financing.

Savings or gains from access to the new equipment and technology can be used to fund monthly payments, making the technology cost-neutral.  Arrangements effectively capture future savings to finance the current investment, without the need to tie up capital.

Technology innovation and upgrade periods are shortening. Finance can provide the flexibility to upgrade during the course of a financing period, offering protection against technology obsolescence.  Upgrades often involve retrofitting hardware and software onto the main technology platform, extending the life of the platform and the value and capabilities it delivers to manufacturers.  We understand the associated risks and can incorporate the software element into a total financing package.

Increased production capacity and productivity, while improving price competitiveness, can require you to invest in greater quantities of raw materials or component parts. Our invoice finance solutions help you manage the cash flow challenges that success through digitalization brings.

Recognizing the challenges of transition from an existing technology or manufacturing platform, our financing helps you defer payment for a new set up until it is reliably up and running.  Removing the financial challenge of having to pay for the new system while the old one is still running.

Driving customer sales with innovative financing

If you are an industrial technology solution provider, such as an OEM or disributor, you buy technology components and then sell your manufacturing technology to other manufacturers.


Our vendor financing solutions provide integrated packages that make the investment in your equipment and technology affordable for your customers.

Extended payment terms

Our extended payments terms enable manufacturers and industrial technology suppliers buying Siemens’ components up to 180 days to pay, whilst you await payment from your customers. This helps you manage your liquidity to meet the growing demand in a digitalizing sector.


You may also experience tightened liquidity due to rapid growth. Asset based lending allows you to access the cash that may be tied up in working capital assets. A revolving line of credit, secured by your accounts receivable and inventory, provides the liquidity needed to meet daily cash needs.

Meet your strategic goals with competitive financing 

Want to manage debt, support growth, turnaround a business, or fund an acquisition? A corporate lending solution could be the answer. Find out how we match technical expertise with innovative financial know-how to help businesses get the best returns on investing in their business goals. 

Financing to build or modernize your facility

Need to finance new or existing infrastructure? As one of the world’s leading suppliers of manufacturing and infrastructure technology, our financial solutions and technological expertise will help you implement both large and small-scale projects successfully.

Industry expertise

Each customer has specific needs and requests that should be acknowledged. We can offer you the best and most appropriate smart finance solution.


We’ve worked closely with the aerospace industry for decades. Our tailored finance solutions help businesses meet increased demands to maximize productivity and digital services. We provide financing for airport infrastructure and security, to machine building equipment for aircraft manufacturers. 


The automotive industry is a leading adopter of digitalization. Financing from Siemens helps the sector pioneer new trends in manufacturing across the whole supply chain - from digital twins to industrial cyber security, from automated vehicles to climate control and hybrid drives and buses to e-battery charging points for cars and bus fleets.

Food and beverage

Our financial solutions empower manufacturers to respond quickly to changing customer demands. Whether you’re a brewery or dairy provider, or in the bottling or consumer packed goods industry and need to automate your processes, digitalize operations or be more flexible, we can help you invest in the machinery, technology or facilities you need.

Machine building

Unlike conventional lenders, we understand the uses, possibilities and lifecycles of the machinery and technology we finance. So we can provide expert advice when it comes to which finance model is right for machine builders and OEMs. 


Need new machinery or tools for production? Would better packing and printing equipment keep you competitive? Or do you simply need to upgrade technology or building controls? We help you acquire the equipment and technology you need to stay competitive.

Other markets 

We’re renowned for financing equipment, technology and facilities to support a broad range of industrial markets worldwide. 


As well as established verticals such as Automotive and Food & Beverage, our experts have experience of working with equipment and technology in the Additive Manufacturing, Batteries, Cranes and Tire markets, amongst others. 


Contact us today to find out more about the industrial financing solutions available where you are. 

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Finance enabling customer success

Financial Services from Siemens combines the industry experience needed to understand your individual vision with the financial know-how required to bring it to life, anywhere in the world. Learn more about how we’re helping businesses in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

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Digital Enterprise – Realize your digital transformation

With the Digital Enterprise portfolio, Siemens is driving the digital transformation of the industry – the seamless integration of automation, software and cutting-edge technologies will take the industry to the next level of efficiency. Discover how you can benefit from merging the virtual and the real world and the possibilities provided by the Digital Twins of product, machine, plant, and the entire production. In order to facilitate the start and implementation of digitalization, we offer comprehensive consulting and to develop a digitalization strategy and roadmap together with you. 

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