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Take on uncertainty and manage facilities anytime, anywhere

Siemens provides a comprehensive portfolio of results-ready digital solutions to help process industries safely and efficiently manage facilities operations anytime and anywhere.


Economic volatility, an aging workforce, and pandemic threats are just a few of the reasons for process industries businesses to pursue more agile solutions.

Digital Transformation

A framework for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is overhauling the chemical process industries.

Follow these five steps to implement Industry 4.0 projects

  1. Define the relevant business drivers
  2. Assess the digital maturity of your organization, manufacturing facilities, and equipment 
  3. Choose initial projects
  4. Estimate the cost of projects
  5. Create an implementation plan


Potential applications for digital technologies are broad. This article reviews four common areas of implementation: control valve monitoring, alarm and event management, predictive maintenance, and connected workers. 


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More Solutions

Siemens Co-Creation Framework and Agile Development Process

Co-Creation is the Activity of jointly creating Win-Win Solutions with Prototyping and rapid Business Impact.  The Win-Win solutions for the whole ecosystem can be based on an existing, newly developed or co-developed solution. Digital Enterprise Lab understands that such requires high Customer Proximity and Engagement. Such success is achieved through Siemens Co-Creation Framework and Agile Development process, which puts the customers and their needs at the center of product / solution development.

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