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Digitalization in the process industry

Time for new ideas

No industrial company in the world, no matter its size, will be able to sidestep digitalization. If you want to remain competitive, digitalization is not a question, it is a must. The same holds true for the process industry. But the road to the Digital Enterprise is not always easy. It’s important to find the right strategies for a successful digital transformation. We’re happy to help with our new Digitalization Consulting service offering.

The digital revolution’s potential for the process industry

Digitalization is a central topic at every company, and the necessary technologies are now available. However, here are the questions you must ask yourselves: Where do you start your digital transformation journey? At which costs? What do you already have? What do you need? How can you distinguish the disrupting technologies from the nice-to-have for my business?
We’ll work with you to develop the right digitalization strategy to ensure that your company will be able to focus on what’s important, namely business activities and competitiveness. As part of this process, it’s important to understand the challenges companies face today. Only then can the right technologies be selected for your specific needs, your installed base, and your particular challenges.

Good advice from Digitalization Consulting

With our Digitalization Consulting service, you will have a dedicated partner every step of the way towards building your competitive advantage through digital transformation. Thanks to our strong expertise, our industry technology portfolio, and our methodical consulting, we’ll identify your deficits, classify them according to your business objectives, and create a neutral digitalization roadmap for you that corresponds to your needs, your business model, and your existing infrastructure (IT and OT).

Our Digitalization Consulting report accompanies you step by step through the digital transformation of your company. It contains your digitalization options as well as an investment calculation. The completion of the roadmap signals your transformation into a digitally operating company. You can do this by yourself or you can work with us or our partners. We also offer a solution portfolio that’s based on four key elements: software, communication, security, and services.


Step-by-step digital transformation

Get to know the range of digital opportunities across your entire value chain: From the very first steps, we’ll support you on your path to the Digital Enterprise. We can offer you the following processes:
Digitalization in Water

Beginning your digitalization journey

Whether you are already taking steps towards a digital transformation or simply having a hard time identifying a path forward, this digitalization workshop will offer you the tools necessary to take steps in the right direction in your digital transformation journey. 


Join us in a free half-day workshop to learn what trends are affecting your industry and what technology is available to address industry problems of today and tomorrow. 


In this workshop, you will have access to:

  • Interactive workshops where attendees will be using their experience and knowledge to work in small groups.
  • Short, introductory presentations by Siemens to provide a common understanding of IIoT and other digital topics.
  • Lunch and learn presentation from various digitalization subject matter experts.

This year's workshops will take place in Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, and San Diego! Click on the registration date below for dates and details.


NOTE: Due to continuing challenges caused by COVID-19, all workshops are currently being held virtually. Please check registration page for dates.


Fit for digital production

Medium-sized companies immediately face major tasks to prepare for digital production. Read how two companies mastered these tasks with the help of our Digitalization Consulting services.


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