Siemens Virtual Digital Readiness Workshop    

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Workshop Details, Oct 22

Siemens Virtual Digital Readiness Workshop

Date:            October 22 , 2020

Time:            11am ET

Duration:     3.5 hours

What is it about?

Companies of all types and from all industries are increasing their productivity with digital technology. With the right digital tools, you will have the ability to increase the efficiency, security, and productivity of your operations while reducing cost and improving the customer experience. By considering your production needs, pain points, and strategic goals, you will be able to achieve the greatest return on your digital investments.


In light of the current business climate, we are putting our digital skills to the test and hosting this workshop virtually. Collaboration will be encouraged just as in the in-person workshops with interactive sessions, and small-group brainstorming modules.


If you are interested in the workshop and can't make the next date, check out the upcoming dates, in the registration form, at the bottom of the page!


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Siemens Virtual Digitalization Workshop

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