Video: What didn't happen today

Mindsphere keeps things running. Watch the video and then download the whitepaper to learn more. 

Jumpstart your Internet of Things (IoT) Initiative with MindSphere:

  • Fast and secure IoT connectivity to MindSphere for data collection
  • Multiple connection protocols supported
  • Immediate visibility and monitoring of your assets across multiple systems and physical locations
  • Flexible, open Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and cost effective infrastructure for application development
  • Leverage the MindSphere Store and world class partner ecosystem for high value industry-based applications

Tackle the IoT Challenge Today

In the era of digitalization, speed is a main competitive advantage but getting started with IoT is a challenge. With MindSphere, you can quickly, affordably and securely connect your existing machines and infrastructure to the digital world to unleash increased productivity across your entire business.
To do this, all data defined by the user is first captured by the integrated, cyber secure, end-to-end connectivity solutions. Collected asset data is pre-processed in the MindSphere operating system before it is stored in the cloud and ready to be further analyzed. Embedded algorithms, based on artificial intelligence and deep learning, enable MindSphere applications to provide actionable business insights. With this smart data, the efficiency and transparency of connected assets can be enhanced and your full IoT potential realized.