Economic off-grid energy supply

Electrical hybrid power plants for remote industries

Industries in remote locations are facing specific challenges that other industries don’t have: Often there is no grid access available, or the power grid is weak and fluctuating. Diesel generators are then commonly used as power generators, leading to high fuel and maintenance costs. Electrical hybrid power plants for remote industries provide the energy-intelligent way of powering remote production sites. 

Customer values

Energy intelligence for your benefit

With electrical hybrid power plants for remote industries you can increase your economic, supply, and sustainability intelligence.
Modular approach

Tailored mix of renewables, storage, and diesel gensets

Electrical hybrid power plants for remote industries comprise several buildings blocks that are seamlessly integrated into the existing production facility. Depending on the requirements they provide a coordinated mix of renewable energy sources and diesel gensets, electrical storage units, and preconfigured secondary systems.
Specific solution

Profit from flexible standardization

The optimal solution is different for every customer. In order to provide the best offering we combine modular building blocks that use proven technology to create individual solutions and add tailored services to minimize risks and to add value.

Technical building blocks

Prepackaged solutions as part of a core package

Core packages

Highly standardized core packages using Siemens products with modular and scalable technical building blocks


Customer-specific solutions to ensure full and optimized functionality to meet specific requirements

Financing and consulting

Comprehensive consultation to find the optimal financing solution among equity/debt financing, energy savings performance contracts (ESPC) and power purchase agreements (PPA)


From mere product delivery and system supply all the way to complete turnkey solutions


Full range of support and services along the entire product lifecycle

Technical building blocks for electrical hybrid power plants

This application provides power supply for communities on islands and remote areas (off-grid) with high penetration renewables (wind, PV solar) and diesel offsetting. The result: minimized costs with maximum saving of diesel fuel. It’s also useful for production sites with weak grid connection to enhance grid stability and power quality.

Our solution portfolio comprises:

We support you with selecting the optimal designs and sizes of distributed energy solutions, including reusing already existing power generation units at your facility.    

Every distributed energy solution needs an efficient and reliable power distribution system, and innovative storage technologies.

Energy management systems from Siemens are the ideal solution for the reliable, optimized, and efficient control of power generation, consumption, and storage. Siemens software will make your distributed energy solution fit for the energy market.

Every distributed energy system needs an efficient and reliable power distribution system, and innovative storage technologies. 

The optimal solution for any requirement


Local energy sources at work

Find out more about how industry, infrastructures, and buildings can benefit from local energy sources.


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