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Consulting and implementation expertise across the entire scope and lifecycle of your project

Each project is unique, and its scope is based on your specific requirements. With Siemens’ decade-long expertise in electrification and the deep domain know-how of the energy market and industries, we cover each step from initial assessment to maintenance of the implemented solution. The technical implementation of our solutions and service is supported by customized business and delivery models, which allow you to get your project under way faster and with optimal scope – even without initial investment.

Achieve your energy goals faster

Distributed energy solutions (DES) promise a variety of benefits for industries, commercial areas, large buildings, utilities, and communities. Realizing a DES project becomes significantly easier and faster with lifecycle intelligence. No matter if you consider a specific project phase or the entire lifecycle – talk to us about your individual requirements.

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Minimize risks and maximize control

While you take care of your core business, our customized services and business and delivery models help to minimize your energy supply and project risks.


You can implement a solution customized to your business requirements, which leaves the responsibility for operation and maintenance with your team.


Taking the next steps and adding services all the way to an Energy as a Service solution allows you to take control over your complete lifecycle costs. Here your energy costs become a long-term calculable variable. At the same time the lifecycle risk is minimized step by step until the performance responsibility, including operation and maintenance, is completely shifted to Siemens as the solution provider.

Business and financing models at a glance

The optimal solution to get your project under way

What’s the best solution for your specific use case? There are several options how you can implement a distributed energy solution, from single projects with limited scope to full-service solutions. With us you can get started with no initial investment!
Evaluate your optimization potentials with our Energy Configurator
Energy Configurator

Turn data into opportunities

Evaluate the optimization potential of your project

The Energy Configurator identifies the potential reduction of your energy expenses, minimization of the ecological footprint, and improvement of your supply security.

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Your requirements are as specific as your competitiveness – and so is our offering. The Siemens portfolio for distributed energy solutions covers the entire lifecycle and is suitable for all markets.

Specific solutions for every market

Our distributed energy solutions are adaptable versatile to match the specifics of every market. Discover a variety of use cases that demonstrate how flexible our portfolio can meet your requirements.

DES Key technologies

Key technologies for your project

What makes a sophisticated distributed energy solution? Explore our portfolio to see how it works.


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Setting up a distributed energy solution will be a lot easier with the help of an experienced partner. You can contact our energy experts 24/7. We are looking forward for your message and the opportunity to support your DES process.

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