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In times of increasingly fragmented energy markets, customer retention becomes ever more important, even more so for municipalities and utilities. Both also need to fulfill their supply obligations and at the same time optimize their cost structure. At the same time, market opportunities are arising due to the integration of heating and cooling as well as mobility and gas. The interconnection of these factors for public utilities establishes the ideal conditions for getting the most out of excess generation through sector coupling and with the help of distributed energy solutions.

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Municipalities and utilities can use a large number of solutions to improve their competitiveness in order to retain their customers. This also allows to optimize energy costs while supporting the transformation to a more sustainable energy system.

Our solutions for municipalities and utilities comprise hybrid power plants combining a customized mix of renewable and fossil generation technologies – e.g. wind farms, photovoltaic plants, and combined heat and power (CHP). We also provide appropriate storage solutions and grid connections as well as enable sector coupling. Siemens’ sophisticated energy management solutions can be securely connected to MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system. This allows you to integrate prosumers to your business and to develop and exploit new business models that are based on data analytics. To facilitate implementation specifically for your individual project, we provide consulting and financing services based on Siemens’ decade long experience in electrification.

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Municipalities and utilities in many regions are facing declining margins, increasing expenditure, and losses on the revenue side due to the ongoing decentralization of the energy system.


For Stadtwerke Wunsiedel, a German municipality, part of the solution to master these challenges is sector coupling. This means connecting power, heat and cold, mobility, and gas in combination with energy storage, and developing a regional, independent energy supply system. Exceeding power can be sold to the energy market and – because photovoltaic and wind power plants are financed by the municipality – all generated profit benefits the region.




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Municipalities and utilities have to fulfil their obligations – even under difficult circumstances. For example, the Mediterranean island Ventotene is not connected to the Italian main grid and relied upon a combination of diesel generators and photovoltaics to generate power.


Another characteristic is the fluctuation of power consumption. While there are only 700 permanent inhabitants on the island, the number grows to more than 3,000 people during tourist season in summer. This results in a major challenge when it comes to providing a scalable, low emission power generation that’s also reliable and secure. Therefore, the solutions comprise converters, batteries, low-voltage and medium-voltage switchgear, and the control unit, all integrated into a modern control system.




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Protecting the environment and at the same time stabilizing a weak power grid becomes possible by installing a local energy solution.


For islands like Isabela, the largest of the Galápagos islands, a new hybrid power plant based on photovoltaic and biofuel gensets replaced the old diesel gensets that were not only loud, but also required the diesel fuel being shipped from the Ecuadorian mainland to the island. The new solution is designed for biofuel, which is easily degradable and gensets are only being used when there’s no solar power available and when the battery storage system is empty.




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Specific business models for municipalities and distributed system operators

New business models for municipalities and DSOs

Discover how Siemens technology can help to leverage the potential of sector coupling for public utilities.

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Financing is playing an increasingly important role in facilitating investments in the areas of energy, industry, healthcare, and infrastructure.


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The transformation of the energy system provides new opportunities for municipalities and utilities to strengthen their market position. Self-generation of power, heat and cold, digital control systems, and storage solutions are the means to achieve sustainable improvements.

Economic Intelligence

Sustainably increase customer retention through new business models and new energy offerings, based on data analytics. Additional benefits come in the form of energy cost optimization thanks to increased transparency over consumption patterns and new opportunities to control generation and demand. Moreover, participation in the electricity market provides the opportunity to generate additional revenue by selling excess power.

Supply Intelligence

Distributed energy solutions allow for a reliable energy supply even in remote locations or districts with specific demands regarding energy source and quality. For instance, a defined share of renewable energy can be ensured to meet the respective contractual demands of the consumers. Furthermore, grid stability increases when energy storage systems are integrated to help balancing power fluctuations.

Sustainability Intelligence

As customers are requesting both attractive pricing and clean power, this solution provides the ability to offer an economically reasonable combination that also improves the image thanks to a shift toward a more sustainable energy mix.


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