Princeton solar array parking lot

Siemens Defines the Future of Energy with Resilient, Carbon Neutral Campus

Siemens Defines the Future of Energy with Resilient, Carbon Neutral Microgrid Campus

Modern Microgrids: Flexible, Innovative, Adaptive, Affordable

The Siemens Princeton Microgrid is one of the first to combine renewable energy solutions with both building management and energy management solutions. The result is an innovative, resilient and cost-effective solution that serves as a live test bed for Siemens customers and partners. Learn how a phased approach results in an energy efficient grid.

"The Siemens project is both a working campus and open laboratory that helps to raise the awareness and understanding of the importance of interconnected power infrastructures. The project is being closely watched as a possible model for setting distributed energy resilience and decarbonization trends over the next 15 years.” 

- Seth Shultz, Global Executive Director, The Resilience Shift

“The microgrid market has been growing quickly and there hasn’t been an opportunity to test how each component of these systems work together until now. The beauty of our R&D work in Princeton is that we have the power investigate and validate highly innovative technologies in a real environment and the ability to try again so the result will be a clear blueprint for a more efficient and flexible microgrid system that can be replicated all over the world.”


- Xiaofan Wu, Project Manager, Princeton Island Grid, Siemens Corporate Technology


Learn how this “Living Laboratory” was built and how our approach may inform your organization's plans to achieve your business and environmental goals.

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