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Grid edge

The new dimension between intelligent grids, smart buildings and prosumers is opening up space for new business opportunities.
New momentum

Grid edge opens up new opportunities

Grid edge is at the focus of new energy systems – it's where the consumer, prosumer and the intelligent grid interact. Our energy systems are radically transforming. This transition is driven by digitalization, decentralization, and a global call for decarbonization. Past energy models are replaced by intelligent, multi-dimensional grids where electrical energy is produced, stored, and used by prosumers. Solutions at the grid edge enable buildings, infrastructures, and industries to optimize their energy efficiency. They empower customers to intelligently integrate renewables and to take control of their energy supply, support eMobility infrastructure expansion, and enhance the way we live and work.

New whitepaper: Addressing decarbonization at the grid edge.

Decarbonization is a critical transition that is affecting all businesses in the commercial and industrial sector. Discover what measures you should take to get started on the path to decarbonization – download the free whitepaper now.

Co-creating at any scale

Market-specific grid edge solutions

The grid edge affects a variety of companies and stakeholders – on the grid side and on the building and consumer side. Siemens has experience on both sides and understands the needs of each customer, as well as the technologies that helps transition us all toward a flexible grid.

Stories from the grid edge

Innovative technologies at the grid edge are driving the transition of our energy landscape. Check out how companies around the world are enabling a more sustainable future.

Customer success stories

Learn how customers successfully applied solutions at the grid edge - creating environments that care.
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Grid Edge Summit 2021

The Grid Edge Summit is a two-day virtual conference June 16-17th supporting

you to stay on top of emerging trends and opportunities. Be inspired by our expert

speakers and practical examples from around the world! We’ll talk grid edge solutions:

from microgrids, to eMobility to battery storage and the seamless connection to

infrastructures and industries. Participate and choose from a variety of panels and

webinars – matching to your interest and need. Get answers to your burning questions

in real-time by talking to our subject matter experts – live! 

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