See how Siemens helps keep the power on for millions of people across the U.S.

Siemens Digital Grid technology manages and reroutes power, so even during a storm, power can be restored within seconds helping kids to sleep better.
Ingenuity for life

Moving America forward with passion and purpose

Ingenuity for life is technology paired with purpose - a powerful mix of know-how, innovation, reliability, and responsibility. Our passion is to help society, companies and people work and live better through intelligent infrastructure, reliable transportation, sustainable energy and advanced manufacturing.

Ingenuity is transforming manufacturing across the U.S.

The Siemens Digital Enterprise Showcase at the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute in Chicago is designed to help manufacturers explore a working digital enterprise so they can better understand its value to their companies. The showcase creates a hands-on environment to illustrate how digitalization can help answer important questions on digital manufacturing. Manufacturers can learn how to extend the digital twin strategy across the value chain and optimize human-systems integration. How to make organizational changes to realize the digitalization full potention across the value chain. And how to educate their workforce on digital manufacturing and design technologies.

Future of manufacturing

Manufacturing's intelligent makeover

Software, sensors, data analytics and network technologies are the new "hammers" of American manufacturing The entire production lifecycle can be transformed with intelligent tools, and early adopters are forging their way to competitive advantage.

Ushering in the age of the digital enterprise

The impetus for becoming a digital enterprise is not about who has the coolest technology - but who can best achieve advantage without disruption. The case for adopting innovation is often made as companies plateau in mastering perennial challenges such as efficiency and time to market. Discrete and process industries at all levels of maturity, and companies of all sizes are forging a path to digitalization using Siemens ingenuity:

  •  Integrating islands of data to gain systemic visibility and enhance production control.
  •  Enhancing design and engineering through software that enables virtual design and rapid prototyping.
  •  Performing remote diagnostics and running simulations to predict and plan for maintenance.

The future of manufacturing is digital. Are you ready?

Oil & Gas

Rethinking operating costs from end to end

Today's challenging oil price environment is forcing major change and difficult decisions within the Oil & Gas industry. Existing operating models are being challenged and new approaches are required to overcome the technical and economic transformations at hand. Across the entire value chain Siemens is helping customers transform their business with solutions that blend operational technology with software and data.

Proven technology is the basis for sustainable performance

The future belongs to those who understand the potential to fuse engineering, software and data to improve operational efficiency in Oil & Gas operations. Importing digital technology and know-how from advanced manufacturing operations provides an opportunity for Siemens to help shorten the learning curve for Oil & Gas companies who are ready to gain a first-mover advantage. With an intense focus on operational safety and environmental responsiblity, Siemens can tap into a broad knowledge base that includes 160 years of experience in electrification, plus an advanced portfolio of rotating equipment and highly efficient gas turbines.

Real time intelligence and operational transparency are foundations for refinery safety

Operational excellence at the Bahrain Petroleum Company B.S.C. (Bapco) means improving the performance of refinery operations in a sustainable way. With safety as a top priority, Bapco achieves better visibility into business and operational data with Siemens XHQ software. Real-time, integrated data, paired with efficient operational governance, decrease the time to complete safety work orders and is helping them to achieve their goal of zero incidents at the refinery.


Read the Bapco Case Study

Future energy landscape

Making the most of a diverse energy mix

America needs affordable, reliable and clean electricity. Businesses demand inexpensive power sources to be competitive, and people rely on electricity to make the conveniences of modern life possible. From powering our smart phones to powering our factories, Siemens is helping to create a resilient, flexible and secure energy system in the United States.

Whether you're talking about intelligent energy delivery, distributed energy, microgrids, digital grids, highly efficient combined cycle power plants, a new generation of gas turbines, or more productive wind turbines, Siemens is helping to build a sustainable energy future today.

Panda Power Funds in Temple, Texas

Keeping the lights on for 750,000 homes


  • Texas' first commercially-operating Flex-Plant
  • Fast start, and fast ramping up and down capabilities to keep the grid stable
  • Flex-Plant technology enables gas-fired plants to integrate renewables while ensuring reliability - and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • The gas turbines, steam turbine and generators were manufactured at the Siemens Charlotte Energy Hub in North Carolina
  • Financial support from Siemens helped fund plant construction and played an integral role in securing permanent financing

Learn more about Panda Power Funds project financing

Explore our energy innovations across America in the interactive map below

Customer:Northern California Power Agency


Description:Lodi Energy Center is the first operating Siemens Flex-Plant combined cycle plant in the United States, helping to meet California's ambitious renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals. The gas-fired plant can deliver energy to the grid within ten minutes when solar and wind sources become insufficient – enough to power eight cities and the local industry.

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Customer:Glen Canyon Dam


Description:Siemens environmentally-friendly transformers will replace 50-year old technology at Glen Canyon Dam that will enable Yellowstone Electric Co. to continue serving its almost 6 million customers with reliable, clean power.

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Description:The California Independent System Operator Corporation (ISO) launched the Siemens energy market management software to support the operation of the growing western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM). The real-time EIM allows utilities across a broad footprint to more efficiently exchange and share energy resources, including renewables like wind and solar, based on generation and demand needs.

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Customer:Microsoft Data Center


Description:Microsoft has partnered with Siemens and FuelCell Energy to design, engineer and install equipment and software, including a Siemens power monitoring solution, for the nation’s first zero-carbon, waste-to-energy data center. The project uses biogas methane produced by common waste byproducts at a nearby wastewater facility to power the fuel cell system. The fuel cell system then converts the biogas into electricity to power the Microsoft data center.

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Customer:MidAmerican Energy


Description:MidAmerican Energy selected Siemens to supply 448 wind turbines with a total capacity of 1,050 MW for five projects in Iowa, delivering clean energy to nearly 320,000 households. Siemens employees at factories in Iowa and Kansas have worked to fill this major order. Over 5,000 Siemens wind turbines are installed in the U.S., capable of producing clean, renewable power for more than 2.5 million households every day.

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Customer:Holland Board of Public Works


Description:When citizens in Holland, Michigan, set out to build a modern power plant to meet the community’s power needs in a “socially, economically and environmentally responsible” way, they turned to Siemens as a technology partner. For the Holland Energy Park, Siemens is delivering its most modern turbines to utilize clean-burning, low cost, American natural gas to benefit Holland. A special feature of this plant is the use of surplus heat from the circulating water system for use in expanding a downtown snowmelt system.

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Location:New York

Description:Con Edison became the first U.S. utility to install power network “storm hardening” technology. Siemens’ distribution feeder automation technology keeps power flowing in areas of lower Manhattan, including Wall Street, during flooding.

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Customer:National Grid

Location:Rhode Island

Description:Siemens introduced a new switchgear technology for National Grid to improve power reliability at a new electric substation and also helped reduce the substation’s physical footprint.

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Customer:Panda Power Funds


Description:Panda Power Funds selected Siemens as the technology partner for a modern combined cycle power plant (CCPP) that will harness cleaner-burning, low-cost natural gas to benefit citizens in the Nation’s Capital and northern Virginia. CCPPs partner a gas-powered turbine with a steam turbine to maximize the use of fuel that is consumed. Exhaust heat from the gas turbine is used to power the steam turbine, greatly improving overall power-plant efficiency. With natural gas serving as the backbone of America’s new energy model, this project represents the future of power generation in the United States.

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Customer:Florida Power & Light


Description:Using the Siemens advanced gas turbine technology, Florida Power & Light modernized its Port Everglades Next Generation Clean Energy Center with the goal of cutting fossil fuel consumption by one-third. FPL estimates this energy center will deliver customer benefits of more than $400 million in fuel savings over the turbines' entire lifecycle of approximately 30 years.

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Customer:AEP Welsh


Description:AEP tapped Siemens to upgrade its 20-year old Welsh high-voltage direct current back-to-back system in Texas, which will improve power delivery and reliability to enable the facility to operate at peak efficiency.

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Customer:Panda Power Funds


Description:Siemens supplied Panda Power Funds with Texas’ first commercially-operating Flex-Plant, delivering power to about 750,000 homes. The gas-fired plant (one of three with Panda Power Funds in Texas) incorporates innovative design features to enable fast start, and fast ramping up and down across a large operating window from low plant turn-down to high plant output with Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions less than 10 parts-per-million (ppm), and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions less than 2.0 ppm. The gas turbines, steam turbines and generators were manufactured at the Siemens North American manufacturing hub in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Customer:Apex Clean Energy


Description:Apex Clean Energy chose Siemens to supply, support installation and provide long-term service for 130 wind turbines for the Kay Wind farm in Kay County, Oklahoma. The 299 MW project, which was acquired by Southern Company subsidiary Southern Power, can power about 100,000 average homes. Kay Wind is Southern Power’s first wind project.

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Transportation solutions

America's express pass to mobility

City light rail and metros together with inter-city passenger rail is giving a boost to regional economies, making it easier for people to move around, expand access to opportunity and improve quality of life. Rail and road solutions are also helping to reduce traffic congestion on roads and highways.

Siemens is working with cities and people to help move America forward

To modernize and revitalize cities, we make transportation more efficient, intelligent, and safe - while lowering environmental impact and creating a better traveler experience. We deliver cloud-based traffic management systems, locomotives, light rail and metros, rail signaling and electrification solutions. One in every 3 light rail cars operating in the U.S. was built by Siemens. Along with our rail electrification and rail signaling systems in the U.S., we bring advanced technologies that improve operator performance and passenger quality of life. For example:


  •  Communications-Based Train Control systems for New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority
  •  Light rail vehicles for the Twin Cities that reduce gas emissions by more than 70% vs. cars
  •  Traffic management systems that shorten commute times by 20% along routes in San Antonio, Texas


We live and work in the communities where we create Ingenuity for life, with 2,000 employees across North America and full-scale transportation manufacturing facilities in five U.S. locations.

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