Elaine Trimble

Director                                                                                                            Urban Development  


Elaine is a Director within Urban Development team at Siemens’ Global Center of Competence for Cities in London.  Elaine engages with cities and city leaders from around the globe to develop an understanding of the role that technology can play in building smart and resilient cities.  Elaine believes that for smart cities to be a success, that cities and the private sector will need to demonstrate that data driven technology can make a positive difference in our quality of life.  More specifically, that big data has a role to play in improving our air quality, the energy we use and how we move around our cities.  Elaine is leading the Siemens relationship with Rockefeller’s 100 Resilient Cities.  Elaine has a background in city consulting with Arup, and she developed an understanding of infrastructure finance from her time with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.  

Press and Publications

Elaine is frequent speaker at urban development conferences and expos and contributes to publications, research reports, white papers and through the BuiltWorlds Community Network including:


Building Better Cities for an Overcrowded World

For smart cities to be a success, they need to improve our quality of life. Big data plays a critical role in improving air quality, changing the types of energy we use and how we move around our cities.
- Elaine Trimble